What do you do when you're not trading?

Hellooo! :smiley: I just suddenly got curious what you guys are up to when you’re not trading. :smiley: Any new hobbies you want to share? :blush:

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Still playing too much ARMA3 but that’s an old hobby.

For the last year I’ve been volunteering at a couple of places. I marshal traffic at a covid vaccination centre and I carry out safety checks and cleaning routines on police vehicles. Nothing technical but it gets me away from the PC screen.


I’ve recently transitioned from Day to Swing,and that’s enabled me
to spend more time with the family.So yeah…less screen more family.


Does eating count? :grimacing:


I usually start my day from 9am to 3pm (read books/news, topics in forum, trade, cook lunch). After 3pm I usually take my kids to the park or library, class and shops then cook dinner. Everything has done around 9pm and I start 9am-3pm routine again until midnight. Weekend is for outside activity if the weather is nice. And night time, I repeat to read books/news, topics in forum. It sound boring but I’m really enjoying my journey.


Have you tried the Battlefied series or PUBG? Was about to jump in on some Battlefield but reviews of the recent release didn’t sound all that great.


No, I’m completely hooked on ARMA3. Slightly sad that I hardly even look at my other favourite games now.


Last week, I took a break and played Super Mario 3 on gameboy advance. Sorry. I’m stuck in the past!

Nothing wrong with a routine that you enjoy! Sounds like a good routine! That’s great that you have family time.

Any favourite outdoor activity?

As for me, I like to just go out for a short walk and get some fresh air.


My kids like to swim and if the weather is nice, we go to the skate park.

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I clean a lot and spend a lot of time with my kids, most days we try to go outside. I have a few pounds I’m trying to lose, so I’ve taken up walking with them. We live down a trail in the woods, there are a lot of deer out here so it’s pretty peaceful.

Also recently finished working on a children’s book for a store nearby, got confirmation that it was approved and might make some money from it! If that works out, I’m going to be working on sequels in more of my free time.


I love cooking. So, I make sure I have to connect with my family over nice dinner conversations.


Well I’m basically a law student so I’d say I school but since it’s holidays I spend most of the time watching movies and lazying around

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Oh wow! :blush: You’re really keeping busy with equally fruitful things. :blush: I wish I had the same drive. Haha. But, I wonder, how did you land these roles? Are they tasks you applied for? :smiley:

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Ooooh. :blush: What made you decide to make the switch? :smiley: But happy for you that you’re now able to spend more time with family! :smiley:

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Hobby buddies! :joy: Hahaha! I should be working out and slimming down for my wedding in 2024, but I figured I’ll just make the most of 2022 and actually start next year. :sweat_smile:

Not boring at all! :blush: I’m sure getting to spend a lot of time with your loved ones is very rewarding. :smiley: What outside activities are you fond of? :smiley: Beaches?

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Oooh. I’ve tried PUBG before! :blush: But, after a lot of mean comments (because I just suck at those games :sweat_smile:) I eventually just stopped. I’ve even tried APEX legends. It’s a bit different, but still a lot of killing and shooting. :sweat_smile:

if weather is nice, beaches are the best choice. We usually go to swimming pool on weekend, park, beach is sometime.

It’s been sooooo long since I last heard/saw anyone mention gameboy advance. :joy: I used to love those as a kid too! :sweat_smile:

Yes. The health service put out a call on the media for volunteers to help people get in and out of their covid vaccination centre and it was simply a matter of sending in my contact details. The centre is not at a hospital its a purpose-built building, parking for about 200 vehicles, and patient throughput of up to 2,000 people per day. Its tricky to check everyone onto the site and then get them safely parked and out again after their jabs.

The police volunteering was like applying for a job and the background checks took a long time. But that’s because we have access into police stations even if no officers are on site and we also get to drive police vehicles between stations and between the stations and the workshops. Its just a little help for the over-stretched police force here. The officers are all so positive and grateful to us.