What do you do while trading?

I guess the question depends on how long you’re trading during the day, and how far along in your trading experience you are. Seems like a lot traders I’m reading about here who seem to know what they’re doing don’t actually spend a lot of time watching charts. They have their plan, check their currency pairs for entries, open trades if the situation is right, rinse and repeat.

But that can’t be all. So what else are you doing during your trading day? Reading about forex? Economic news? Maybe back testing? Exercise?

Maybe I can copy some of what the successful traders are doing.

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I doubt if even 10% of members here ONLY do trading. I do two full time jobs in between. One is as a contract IT management consultant - I am currently taking a break, and the other to manage 30 odd residential BTL properties. They all have agents to look after them, but I have to look after the agents and the taxman. So the time I spend on trading is very precious. Recently I spend a lot of time watching Youtube videos, particularly about crypto price action, but more generally I also keep a longer term eye on commodities movements (precious metals mainly).


I am use expert advisors, so I look at charts very rarely. If something happens to the hardware, I will get a notification and then reacts. Regards Greg


using expert advisor is good but sometimes no analysis not works in this market place , because there is no one who can predict the market with certainly.

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Thats is why I am use statistical advantage in long term period

Literally everything.

I have traded in line at stores, banks, amusement parks, at the beach, in the woods, in line at restaurants, in cars, while I play games, on the toilet, at work.

That is the power of the Internet and technology! How about like during the trading day? Trading and analysis? Trading and reading a book? Maybe back testing too?

How long into your trading did you start using EAs? Was that pretty early on or like years later after you started?

Oh cool. Any recommendations? I subscribe to a couple newsletters, and follow some accounts on Twitter. I tried some Telegram groups, but it’s a lot of “Is XYZ any good? When will it moon? I need a 4x return”. It gets repetitive.

I have been using EA for several years but first encountered automated strategies a long time ago. I also tried to build a few robots at that time, but it turned out that they were of very poor quality (overfitting to historical data), so I start trying to other methods of trading that would suit me better. Now it’s a completely different awareness of trading, creating strategies, backtesting, and their impact on the quality of the strategy

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Cool. So different EAs for different market conditions, or one that you tweak based on market conditions? I always wonder if one EA is good enough to always trade, regardless of what’s going on in the markets.

Currently, building strategies that trade in trend but have different rules for opening and closing positions.

If a strategy was designed to trade in trend, this strategy will not trade when trend doesn’t exist, just will wait for the trend signal.

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I sit dow with the chart all day and watch tv or read when nothing is happening

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Yes, very many. Disclosure here. I spend far too much time watching Youtube videos, but I am not arguing with the positive impact it has had on my knowledge and decision making in Crypto investment and trading.

The ones I love to follow for entertainment value more than anything else are:
Bitboy Crypto
Donovan Jolly - D.I.Y Investing

and for serious analysis:
Guy the Crypto Guy - Coin Bureau
Benjamin Cowen -

Links below to recent vids from each of these:

Bitboy Crypto - he revealed his portfolio late 2020 as being worth over $10M, and drives a Dodge Hell Cat. My kind of guy.

Donovan Jolley - D.I.Y. Investing - a young and very enthusiastic influencer who eats Elliot wave analysis for lunch. I had hair that long when I was a teenager!

Guy the Crypto Guy - Coin Bureau

Benjamin Cowen

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I really appreciate you sharing these! Thanks. I’ll have a look!

Over $10M that’s crazy. How old is he?

Simple answer, and makes perfect sense. thanks for clearing that up for me.

A lot younger than me for sure!

I was never an EA fan. I have seen best EAs making some foolish mistakes that a human will never make. I do my own study and enter the trades manually.

I ended up looking him up holy cow he is famous!