What do you guys think

Due to severe ADHDhave a hard time sitting and focusing on charts for to long, and sometime I hyper focus and can sit no problem. But I’m trying to force myself to sit-down longer to get the charts marked up. Anyone got advice to get around this

You can change trading style, for example, trading on daily chart after close candles. Regards Greg

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So look for longer trades? On the days I’m hyperfocused

the point is to shorten the time of chart analysis

So time to learn new methods

I think you are right. Trading requires having a plan.

new methods and strategies always need to be developed in their work so that there is no stagnation

There are a couple guys in the Journal section that outline their Dailies trading system and related analysis. They look at up to 20+ pairs if my memory serves right, but keep analysis down to 30 minutes I think for their particular strategy. Can’t remember off the top of my head, but shouldn’t be hard to find.

For them, once the strategy is understood, checking charts becomes a pretty quick exercise.

Seems like it, but that can be very useful in such way you can get to know better which trading style and strategy work well for you.

Why don’t you broaden your planning horizons? If I were you, I would look for some long-time trading which implies opening less deals within a certain time period. I believe that this will help you improve your trading results along with the fact that you’ll derive more pleasure from trading.

Don’t sit and look at charts and hope for inspiration. Organise. List the top three TA features you want to see on a chart for your strategy to work best. Scan your charts for the first one: if it isn’t there on a chart discard that chart. Then scan the remaining charts for the second criterion, discard those where it is missing. Scan the remaining charts for the third criterion.

Recognise there are only 28 forex charts worth studying and many of them correlate closely a lot of the time.

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How long do you sit for before you start wanting to get up?

If you get antsy after 1 hour, sit for 45 minutes, then walk around for 15 minutes. Repeat.

That is a really good plan. For over 20 years I have been sat behind a desk for work, and sat behind a desk for hobbies. I certainly spend more time at the desk than I do sleeping. When I used to smoke over 5 years ago now, I used the smoke breaks (no more than one per hour) to regulate the maximum time I sit in one session. I can do 2 to 3 hours of intense work if I need to achieve a deadline, but I am much more comfortable (and so is my back) if I get up at least every hour for a 5 to 10 minute break. I also think you become more productive as I can attest to the number of tasks I can get through in a day when I set myself absolute goals and get up at 55 minutes regardless than when I get under pressure for a deadline and sit there for 3 hours.

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