What do you know about HotForex?

I am thinking of going with HotForex as a non US broker. Is anyone using or have used them in the past and can give feedback on them. I am also looking at a couple of others, but seems like i keep coming back to this one.

There are many good feedback and I know for sure they have live account as good as demo. (Tested)

Too good and too many feedbacks, high-possibility that they made up.

They offer 30% bonus to all deposits - that is cool!

[B]I don’t see other brokers offers that much bonus, very doubtful…

The server is very poor and sometimes I got logged out.

not too sure about these guys. stick with the established brokers man, such as alpari, fxcm, fxopen…

[B]Now they offer 50% bonus[/B] [B]BUT :[/B]

You deposit your HotForex trading account with $2,000 and receive 50% bonus of $1000 (50%). You open a position, but the price changes against it, thus increasing your loss. Once the equity is less than or equal to $1000 (the sum of all active bonuses), $1000 will be written off the account, and all positions will be compulsively closed due to StopOut.

[B]You loose all of your money.[/B]

As I stated in one of my other posts I have been with this company for a while and I’m real happy with them. Spreads and execution are good and customer support is always there when I need them.

I’m a client of HotForex since january this year and this company is one of the best I have ever seen. Their deposits are so fast. I was in trouble with a few trades once and they have processed a credit card deposit for 20 mins for me which saved my account. I have had some small issues with their server disconnects, but everything has been fixed now.

I have been with HotForex for a while and overall I’m happy with their service. I had some small issues, but the customer support has been always there to help me and they even reimbursed one of my losses which cause when they had an issue with their server a few weeks ago.

Hello Elantra I didnt know that. Who do I contact for that issue?

I have contacted their execution department regarding the issue.

Thank you for the heads up and experiences about the company I’m also very happy with them.

Hi there I confirm what Elantra says … Hotforex customer service is the best !! they are so nice and they provide help and assistance so fast !

Thanks for sharing your thoughts related to Hotforex, So what are you trading with them ?

Hello Vaibhav

you are welcome, its a pleasure to write in this forum because I have noticed that there are many Hotforex users so its great to share thoughts and knowledge and advice…
the answer to your question is … I simply trade different currencies with Hotforex and am pretty satisfied with them.

you are trading different currencies ??? why it so ?

yeah I trade different currencies thats what we do in Forex , are you metal trader or what ?

they seem to have requotes issue even during asian sessions lately. not sure what are they up to

There is a maintenance today If I’m not mistaken! hopefully there won’t be anymore off quotes. but nothing much on my end, every thing going smooth.