What do you know about HotForex?

yeah Metal is one of part of my trading but I am trying almost 3 to 4 things same time.

oh you also trade in metals, nice, how is trading going with you… I guess I’ll resume trading tomorrow, there is an ongoing maintenance today. :slight_smile:

LOTS OF DISCONNECTS even before today’s maintenance! Occasional requotes even when not trading news. However, they are pretty quick to credit account. Keep shopping. Also, look at the thread “Going offshore to escape CFTC”.

Also, look at their reviews at donnaforex.com

Yeah, I get noticed about the maintenance last weekend, but its all good now. I love to go smoothly with my live account I am not trading like crazy, what about you ?

thanks parajump for the heads up, will be looking in to them shortly, I’ve been checking donnaforex from time to time.

I confirm this guys everything is going well now , I have contacted the costumer service and they replied to me pretty quick today and they said that they have fixed everything now … and everything works well with me right now !

yeah, i know there are things that can’t be avoided from time to time, but its understandable, there is no such thing as a perfect 100% but constant improvement is a good thing really. happy trading guys.

yes man thats right and I think they have been in a maintenance period to improve the service ! its not that bad then its all to make their services better and clients happy !

i see what you mean, I hope they stay on constant improvement. cheers

yes during the last months the services quality is just growing better !! thats a fast fast growing company I like how they do things !! am happy that I found them !

If Im not mistaken, they are a 4 or 5 years old company, not sure though! :slight_smile:

I guess they are 3 years old on the market ! … how long have you been trading with em ?

I am using Hotforex as my major account. started using it from the same time last year and had not met up with big issues.
the only problem is the withdrawal needs to sign a printed form and send the scanned copy back, though the withdrawal is about 4-24 hours normally. I’d asked the customer support for this, they say they might enable online withdrawal later.

and it’s good that their ipad app is very easy to use and I love it.

It’s a good broker. I especially like it because of the high cash back rebates that I get on every trade payed back, 0.61pips.

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is there anyone who are using Hot forex from bangladesh and what is the best option for withdraw money from them? i am thinking to use this broker as i got their review is very effective to me. please help me to get decision about this.

I live in europe and always get paid by skrill (moneybookers). I think its the best e-payment method right now.

Wire transfer is always the best for large amount, but Skrill or Neteller is also good.

What’s the % they withhold when withdrawing from Skrill? Considering use of it too…

not sure how much you knmow about forex, but hotforex does only market execution orders. It doesn’t matter which broker or bank it is, when they do market execution order then requotes is impossible. Just google it and you’ll see. It’s true that many brokers do requote, slippage, pipssing etc but that can only be with instant execution orders… many market makers but also ECN’s like alpari do requoting. But hotforex doesn’t do requoting, it’s not that they won’t, they just can’t cause they don’t do instant market executions which you can also google. I have an account at forex.com btw so I don’t have experience with other brokers. But if you know the difference between instant and market execution then you can know this simple information, any professional knows this information.

Well, It’s really difficult to track how brokers execute their orders, but I’m news trader and hotforex has consistently good liquidity at those crucial moments. The main problem is to keep away from get your order filled with slippage then it’s possible to make profit from it. I try to enter before the release, and get practically no slippage with them. Exit slippage is also good, but it depends on the situation, I mean market volatility. I tend to think they have market execution on their orders, as the lot size I enter is not less than 1 standard lot.