What Do You Think?: Personality

I’m an individual who seems to act as if I know everything in the world.


The man who knows most is the man who thinks he knows nothing at all

“ACT” well its a start self awareness

The wisest man is the man that has come to the realization that he knows nothing at all.

The biggest fool is the man that has come to the realization that he knows it all.

True fact buddy.

On top of which, in trading, those who know the most are not always the ones making the most money.

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I’m no longer young enough to know everything.

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is nt knowledge sort of factual and knowing experience, or have i just got too much time on my hands

When I was young enough to know everything my Dad was so stupid. He literally didn’t know anything. As he got older, I found he got a lot smarter…

(maybe from just being around me…)

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Yes we can easily see - just by watching TV that men are really stupid - until they are properly educated by a woman or a child :wink:

He who knows is not wise, but he who does not know and wants to learn

It’s quite normal. It’s better to know a lot and seeks to gain knowledge than just saying “I don’t know”

There is no end to education. Every human being has to receive education constantly. It is not possible for a human being to know everything.


Agreed. Knowledge is never ending.
No individual can ever reach that level where he knows about each and everything. There are always new thing to learn not just in forex but every aspect of life.

Well said!

I think, there is no one who knows everything.

Impossible to know everything on earth.