What happened to the Inner circle trader? (ICT)

This topic might be beaten to death by now, but I started trading late 2016. I found ICT 2 months ago. It seems the guy was very legit. Although i think that the party is over, but i am collecting every bits and pieces. I have found his website, days worth of videos and many indicators. And trying to follow him (if he is public anymore). The couple of “facts” that i came to know.

  1. He deleted all his videos
  2. He charges membership fees
  3. He said not to share anything here.

Although most of the people, praise him, but i found that some people actually think not very well of him. But I dont understand, why is that? Am i missing something?

Also can anyone please share their journey with ICT? How it went, were you successful, and things like that.

Finally can anyone guide me to someplace that can help me go in the right direction.

Thank you

I was thinking the same thing… I found out about ICT a month ago and downloaded all his vids and started watching them and then i find out he delated all his youtube vids and website tutorials. idk whats goin on. he did upload a youtube video for one day after he deleted his vids saying something like “new live trades coming soon…” or something like that but then delated that vid… Just curious in whats going on, he seams legit and im gaining alot from his tutorials.

Hi, any chance you ve downloaded this videos?
Can you send me a link to download as well?

I talked to him… he is coming back this October

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Can anyone send me the Trading Gold with COT perspective please? Tnx

If true it will be AWESOME :grin:

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Yes it would be awesome - for all the wrong reasons!

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If it happens watch the Likes, Clicks, Followers etc on this site skyrocket. Then the site owners won’t have to look like Adobe’s ‘Mean Streets’ Commercial. hehehehehe. Just kidding. Controversy is King, it can drive metrics like crazy. Oh you know what else will be Awesome, the return of all the sock puppets.

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And what are those reasons? His teachings are false? He charges alot? Lol… all i see is the opinions with no proof. He is a respectable guy… giving his knowledge for free… take or leave it.

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You have a lot to learn my friend, haha. I’m standing by with my popcorn. It’s always fun watching Mr ICT do his thing lol

As for proof…what happened to his live account, ah yes, he went bust without turning ANY profit. But if that’s what you look for (as do all the other muppets) then I admire this industry. It gets easier by the day.

When and if he does make an appearance here, I openly challenge him to a public account. One on one for 1 year, that’s if he can last, or even fund his account. I’ll suggest a modest $1k opening balance, I know he struggled with the last $10k he lost.

If your shy ICT then I’ll even fund it for you. I’m handing you redemption on a silver platter for all those forum users who you successfully manged to persuade to waste hour after hour listening to your dribble.



See the cliks are already up. But seriously, Mike/Cyberguy, what kind of ip anonymizer are you using. I think everyone is still waiting for a certified/audited Blotter, no?, yeah I figured as much.

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So are you saying that what he says in his videos are wrong? I am not blindly supporting anyone. I genuinely wanna know why people think so. Any one asking for money, subscription fees, xyz is plain fraud… i mean if you can trade forex… you dont need anyone’s money. Period!

As for the account… i beleive that the authorities were after him. Or there can other things…
But my concern is… why would anyone with 4 kids run around teach pointless stuff for free? Lol anyone with a job wouldnt have time for this…

Wrong is an understatement. He should be called Mr Hindsight.

Lol… well i am profiting so far… with his teachings.

Best of luck CyberGuy. I’ll wait for a reply forum ICT if he does decide to show his face.

Ok, CG, Let me be clear. I have known of Mike H since the Halcyon days of the the '90s, and he blew up then and claimed he was under investigation by the CFC, Warren commission, House Committee on Un-American Activities, and the Tailhook Committee. But in reality he just blew up. When he made his comeback in Spot, more of the same.

His methods do not work, he tends to take offence when someone asks him for proof, or points out contradictions in his teaching, he always takes it personally, and attacks the questioner. If you follow his teachings you do so at your own financial peril.

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Leaving it. But I may view his thread for entertainment. That would be free too.


You talked to him? How? And did he tell you why he left? Bro I been looking and praying!

8 More days to go, I hope he comes back here, as I have said before, It will be Yuuuuuuuge. :grinning:

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TradeViper, I dont think you are being completely honest. ICT is the real deal. Who is trading wants to show his live account? If his system works, then that is all that matters. and I can tell you it works. You can say whatever you want. Do you want to share your live account? Then go ahead. I am waiting.

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