What happened to the Inner circle trader? (ICT)

His system definitly works… someone herr promoted whats called “three duck system”… what a joke.

ICT is posting regular videos on his youtube channel and also active twitter. Also live streams.

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Well R, bless your heart, and I really mean that.

Well for me to do that,

  1. You would have to know someone who is already involved with our group
  2. They would have to vouch for you
  3. You would have to fill out the account application
  4. We would then run the standard background checks and credit screening
  5. Then I would need to talk to you, video conference
  6. After this I would send you a prospectus
  7. You decide

Mike has tried for years to get something going online and has not been successful, and as I have said before, when he came here, I was rooting for his success, in fact I got called out for not speaking out sooner. It is well documented that he blew up, then Psychologically melted down, got angry, rude, etc. He also was using smelly sock puppets, which to me indicates a lack of integrity. Now Mike can market, no doubt about that, but trade, nope.

This having been said he has been here for a while causing, what I consider problems, ragging on some folks, acting in an aggressive manner etc. Had he come back and said that the markets had humbled him, he learned the lesson of a lifetime with the blowup, well I think most would have welcomed him back, but no, he came back, under various guises, pretending not to speak English etc. Now, PipS has been made aware of Mikes recent shenanigans, and no doubt has the radar up.

So anyway Mike, I mean ramohed, I hope the Wife and Kids are good, and trade well Braugh, trade well.

The Ever Green And High Water Mark VIPER


I wasn’t familiar with Huddleston or ICT until recently; I haven’t watched any of his old material or read his threads here on BP.

I did watch all his ‘new’ videos - the ones he recorded in 2010-2014 and republished on his website. I took notes.

My verdict? Some interesting concepts, but not very deep. I think I’d classify MH as a ‘delusional guru’. That is, someone who believes his own theories, but is fooled by randomness (Taleb) and is skilled at spinning out shallow material into hours of videos with which he uses as a springboard to attract clients to his paid mentorships.

I condensed everything that was clear, concrete and testable to 11 points that I’ll post here, and leave my 20 pages of notes (mostly wasted effort I fear) so you can make your own determination. Should at least save you some hours watching videos of mostly chatter.

ICT Cheat Sheet
Just the facts with none of the chat.

  • Look for past 3 bar swings high and low where a break of a level might act as support/resistance

  • Use fib retracements as per the chart at the top of this document.

  • Place fibs on candle bodies, not wicks

  • ICT London killzone is a period of time between 2-4 am NY time, where the high or low of the daily range will likely start.

  • The daily range will likely reach its apex/nadir around 10-12 NY time (London close).

  • Watch DXY to gauge risk-on/risk-off sentiment. Watch cable and fiber to react to this.

  • When the USD goes up, foreign currencies go down.

  • Look for a ‘Judas Swing’, a temporary retracement/dip/rally against the overall price trend to occur around the London Killzone time. It should go above the open price.

  • Use the fib anchored at any likely spots to guesstimate the OTE (optimal trade entry)

  • Take profits at scaling level, target 1, target 2.

  • For macro analysis watch COT data, and mark out likely S&R levels on MN, W1, D1

  • Look for tops/bottoms that are too ‘clean’ (neat, flat) to get taken out

Huddleston notes (InnerCircleTrader).docx (34.4 KB)


It pains me to write this but if I can save 1 other person from ICT’s scam then it will be worth it!

If your reading this and are thinking about signing up to his membership programs then DONT!! It’s complete BS I am a forme ‘student’ of ict and was an original member when he first started the mentiorship it was 150 usd per month and I was in there for 9 months before I realised it was complete [edited due to Forum Violation]!
Please do your research on him he made everyone sign basically a secrecy document meaning you cannot leak any of the content and he also makes you sign a satisfaction agreement at the end of every month so you cannot have your money refunded he is a complete fraud during my time in the mentor ship I personally saw him blow 2 accounts then he just makes excuses up this man is nothing but a criminal and I am in the process of trying to take legal action against him in order to save anyone else from his bullshit scam!
I have all the videos saved from my time in the mentor ship [edited due to Forum Violation] so he can’t try and sue me leaking his content but I wanna expose this crook for what he is and like I said if I can save one person it will be worth it as he is not opening another mentor ship even tho he swore that last year was going to be the only one!


I’d like to add that the concepts he covered in the mentorship are a load of crap he would basically just point things out after they had happened then call it some BS name please be careful guys

Wow thats… something… as for me obviously i am also evolving, So my take on him now is that it maybe good for the “introduction to price action” but nothing more. Ever since i got into the HFT and Algo Trading, it feels like technical analysis has gone out the window. In my humble opinion everyone should be looking to move towards HFT. I live by three rules now…
I am gonna get heat for this (Stop loss is a way to failure)
(Position sizing is your true friend) > market will try to “shake you off”, your position should be small enough to take that swing without the stop loss.
(Master the art of hedging, all the big boys do it, why not you?)

As for ICT, I didnt know he “sells” memberships, in his videos he keeps on saying dont pay anyone who charges for teaching forex.

Anyone who charges for teaching forex is off my respected list automatically. I mean, you are riding the mother ship… you shouldnt need my couple of bucks.


can you send me his videos ? Thank you

ICT’s system doesn’t work… He is a fraud!
The truth about trading you need at least 10,000 hours of screen time, and your own system based your understanding of the market… Other peoples systems never work! Never!
The market evolves, Its not science… There is no one perfect setup that works.
There are setups that work, but conditions have to be right.
Go on a search for buyers and sellers levels. What happens different times of the day. How price gets from level to level, Not why price moves.
Don’t look for ICT to give you the answers, he blows up his own account enough… He posted his trades for a few days… then removed it after a big loss.

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Tell us what system work’s dude

some of those are still around

a thorough understanding of macroeconomic trends using charts simply as a timing mechanism for when to enter and exit trades

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You’ve posted twice, both times about ICT.


funny that you should find threads that have been dead for months

Welcome back

Sounds spot on.

so? ICT is garbage and trying to make a comeback. Sorry you fell for his scam m8

No need to aologise, on two counts.

  1. Learn to spell
  2. I called him out in the first instance

Well done

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I feel sorry for those who could not grasp his teachings. I’m sure you will find other methods working for you. ICT stuff works for me and I’m consistent in 10%/month.

Please don’t ask for proof as already mentioned above “which profitable trader would like to show his live trading account?”.

I have blown 2 accounts past 4 years trading and ever since I learned about ICT (7 month now) and studied his work I have earned back what I have lost and am now in profit.

People complain about his work and that’s fine. The thing is, that 1000 traders will look at the same chart and you will get 1000 different opinions even if price can go up, down or consolidate.

There are more trading styles and you just have to find your edge elsewhere if ICT doesn’t work for you.

I personally don’t think he is coming back at all. He has his own website, twitter, youtube channel and people can learn more about him however they want. Why would he ever want to come back here?

Scam? Not at all… I was looking for him for 4 years and finally found him. Search on Youtube for “how to make money in forex” and you will find millions of scammers and nothing to learn from. He, through his EGO, worked it out and put it all toghether. He said that you can be profitable from his free videos and it’s true but everone has to find out for him/her self.

All the best in finding your EDGE.


Hi, I’ve also been searching for his videos. have you by any chance downloaded his videos and if so, please may you send me a link to download them as well

Pls kindly send me any video clip you have of his mentorship. Thanks

The greatest thing is that you don’t need his mentorship videos. He has provided enough free content on his website to become profitable. Like every trader that made it through, you have to pull your finger up and start working on your development. No one is going to do it for you. People search for holly grail when holly grail is within you. Things you will understand may not make sense to others and vice versa. If I give you complete trading plan you won’t stick to it no matter what you say that you will. Trading is art and you have to start painting your own picture.


If you have gone through free content then take a look at this thread on babypips. It will make more sense when you know what are people talking about. Many links, indicators and live sessions were removed since he wishes to keep his work for himself, but if you look at some charts it may jump at you as people were discussing his work freely that time.
Here is a link: What Every New & Or Aspiring Forex Trader... Still Wants To Know