What is a realistic percentage gain....?

What is a realistic percentage gain to aim for either per day or week or month ?

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It depends purely on your strategy. If you don’t yet have one, then the return on your account capital has to be a pure guess. when finding a first strategy, I would recommend something which is simple to understand and run, with objective features to look for on the chart, and on a time-frame which allows you ample time to find them and implement the trades.

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My answer to that is dont limit yourself. The sky is the limit if you are serious. The screenshot here is what I did on my account today and I was on the road practically all day today. Get out your calculator and do the math.


I just want to reinforce the point I made above. The power is in your hands to achieve. The gurus will say a lot of things but you rarely see them show ANYTHING which could hint at their alleged competence. I know it will annoy a lot of them but here is more of what is possible by thinking OUTSIDE of the proverbial box. The blue line is where I left off yesterday.
At 7:30 a.m. my time in the US there will be a news announcement which I would have loved to trade but unfortunately I dont think I will be inside the house at that time.
The FACT of the matter is that forex trading is nowhere near as difficult as a lot of people make it out to be. But then again they are speaking from their perspective, unlike me who is apparently a mad man, lol.

Hmmm. :thinking: Are you just starting out? :blush: Cause if so, baby steps might help you ease into trading. :blush: Personally, I’d say realistically, 2-5% gain is something you can already be proud of as a beginner. :blush:

Yes I am new to this… do you mean 2-5% per day ? If so, at 5% per day I could be a multi-millionaire by this time next year :slight_smile:

Yes that sounds like great advice. As I’m just starting out it would have to be a really simple strategy. Best of luck with your portfolio :slight_smile:

Yes - I can see that’s a really great return in a very short time. I’m assuming it’s a case of judging when to leave a trade to run with profit, and when to exit before it changes direction. Thanks for posting and good luck with your trading :slight_smile:

WOW dude. I thought at first “it’s only $100” then i realised you made 10% in a day. please teach me the way!

It varies according to you and how far you’ve come. What is possible is influenced by things like experience, strategy, and market conditions. While experienced traders with solid strategies may aim for higher percentages, novice traders might set more modest goals, like 1% monthly gains.
In the end, it’s a journey that each person takes that develops with knowledge and a trading strategy.
Simply strive to improve upon the previous month, and don’t trust those that claim to be able to get 63% in a single day using my approach.
Best Luck/

Whatever you decide as reasonable, just bear in mind that the vast majority of new traders blow their accounts (and often multiple times) So be careful of bravado talk. Any thought of profit objectives needs to be part of a well-tested trading plan and risk management strategy. That will include serious reflection on your lifestyle and commitment to trading. I trade trends on longer timeframes, as I have other work and other activities in my life. I check my trades once a day for 30 minutes or so and then an hour or more on the weekend looking at the coming week (including checking fundamentals). That suits me. My type of trading has lower returns than those quoted by scalpers and intraday traders. But I expect my returns to continue for longer-term. Best of luck going forward.

That’s a great question that, unfortunately, nobody has a definitive answer. See @THE_GOATE, for instance. I believe he is making 10% per day, which is mind-blowing. On the other hand, I’m a newbie that recently found a strategy that worked. Since the 1st of May, I’ve been making 1% per day on average. It’s a number I’m very happy with, but it’s on a demo account and I decided that I’ll only move to a real account after testing it for at least 2 months.

Yes 1% per day is a great result.

If you make 1% every trading day for one year (say 47 weeks or 235 trading days, which allows you to take holidays) without withdrawing any profits you’ll end up with 10x your original fund, due to accumulated gains.

Interestingly at 2% per day this would give you a 100x increase on your original fund.

And at 3% per day, a 1000x increase on your original fund.

So you can appreciate that there is substantial power in small percentage gains if you allow your daily profits to accumulate.

Good luck with your trading :slight_smile:


Following :grin:

I suppose this all depends on your appetite for risk! I would think someone using a high risk strategy could indeed make 10% a day, but they could just as easily loss 10% a day.

I think if you’re sensible, I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t average out at maybe 0.5% or even 1% a day. So some days you could make more, some less.

Don’t listen to anyone, the true number is 1-2% per month, but dynamics have changed recently and you will likely see 0.5%-1% per month, if you target 1-2% there is a higher probability you will achieve breakeven.

Yes, you can change it so you make 1-2% per week or per day and in exceptional cases per hour, but it becomes exponentially more difficult and you will almost certainly fail, 1-2% per month is your benchmark.

I thinking mentioning a particular percentage will be wrong for me because it depends on strategy and market condition.

What size account do you think you need to make a living out of trading?

1-2% return each month is pretty low.

The 1-2% per month return is low, which is why most fail, realistically $100,000s without leverage, $10,000s via Futures (50x leverage), $1,000s via Forex (up to 500x leverage), but the more leverage you use the exponentially more difficult everything, effectively with 500x leverage on $1,000s you are trading $100,000s in capital (no margin of error), I wrote this somewhere else relating to mentoring.

“That’s easy, you should trade/invest 50% of your assets yourself and they should help you manage your other 50% via more direct approaches such as daytrading, then you can copy the daytrade patterns in to the investment grade patterns (longer timeframes) and learn passively seeking to eventually to take over the shorter timeframe trading, I helped setup hedge funds doing it this way at 50% per quarter returns, it works which is a rare thing in life.”

So you either need a ton load of cash or you use a ton load of leverage.