What is Volumes in Metatrader


I know, the Volume generally mean Lot size in MT4 when we are opening new orders. But what is Volume in chart?


What kind of information or data it shows?. And how it is useful?

MT4 measures ‘tick volume’

Number of Tick per candle?. if my time-frame is 1 min than, No of Tick per 1TF Candle?

do you know that volume in forex is completely useless? What you see on the chart is only the broker data, basically you see a small piece of cake from a whole cake.


But still my question is same. What is Volumes? Number of Tick (Price change) per Time-frame Candle, Number of Buy/Sell Orders active or Total Lot size of pair in broker platform?

It sad, Forex is biggest market but still it highly unregulated and zero legitimate broker available

it is a number of price moves during time frame

no legitimate brokers? so how some brokers got license from FCA, ASIC, CFTC?

I know but still difficult in finding brokers from FCA, ASIC and CFTC which accept foreign clients. I already asked here : FCA (UK), ASIC or CFTC/NFA Forex Broker but nobody suggested which one should i try. if you know good reputed one, please suggest

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where are you from?

I am from India :india:

on my profile is a link to my results, it will direct you to a place where I have an account

Ok, Got it. Singing-Up with Darwinex

Good Day shanmugapradeep, volume is just an indicator for you to see at different timeframes on the demand n supply for each candles. Seldom used as an indicator as the best time for trading volumes are trading at the specific right time for every sessions.

Your now confusing me. Above @ProfesorPips & @peterma told me, Volumes is Price change/Tick per Timeframe candle. Now your saying, it shows demand & supply :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

@damon.o where did you found that information?

Volume tell you the amount of volume traded at that time e.g M1,M5,M15etc.its not a useless indicator as someone just said. Some or most indicators use volumes traded for calculation so how can it be useless. Try educate yourself on trading volume and price then you will know how powerful volumes are and can help mankind trading decisions.
Try Volume price analysis by Anna Coulling and you will change the way you perceived volume will change

In MT4 (MetaTrader 4), volume points out the size of the trade or contracts exchanged in the forex, commodities, or financial instruments market. Unlike the conventional markets, volume, in this case, measures lots, and one standard lot is equivalent to about 100,000 base currency units, hence signifying the activity taking place in MT4. A high tick volume, used for an approximation of real transactions in the decentralized nature of forex, indicates changes in price and liquidity. A high tick volume will suggest a high increase in trading activity. The importance of volume cannot be overstated, as it helps traders to judge the strength of market moves, and is paramount in the development of strategies. Hope that helped… :slight_smile:

Volume is similar from one broker to another, especially extreme high and low volume, so it does give information about overall market activity that is valuable.

mhm, ok, I made some comparison,3 brokers, 3 live accounts 3 results. I used GBPUSD Daily chart broker 1 64261 ticks, broker 2 78157 ticks, brokers 3 54389 ticks. Where is this similar? Because I don’t see it
brokers volume.rar (1.2 MB)

I said it, some proofs it is move counter

volume gbpusd m1.rar (387.8 KB)

Does this apply to crypto as well? With the broker’s volume?