What is your experience with eaglefx?

thanks for your input !

I have used them all of 2020 for crypto trading and not had an issue.
They are unregulated so be aware of that.
Customer service decent and withdrawals quick(I use Bitcoin so same day)


anyone withdraw big amounts? if so how much?

had any issues withdrawing? if so, why?

so you get paid when someone joins eaglefx, is that why you started this thread

of course not, I am in no way related to eaglefx, broker analysis paralysis for sure… lol, I started a lot of threads asking about other brokers like lmfx, lqdfx, coinexx, turnkey forex, forex chief (regulated, excellent broker, tight spreads, no U.S. citizens) but the responses weren’t as much as I expected (I wanted to go with forex chief, they were my #1 choice, but I didn’t want to bother family overseas) then I settled on Eaglefx since it came down to which ones I like the spreads more and leverage allowed, they all offer easy deposit and withdrawals, I will be going with another offshore (for 1:100+ leverage) and then Oanda for other pairs, total 3 accounts, I don’t feel good putting it all in one account

For eaglefx

1:500 leverage
BTC deposit/withdrawals, deposit into coinbase, deposit into eaglefx, users reported 2-4hrs withdrawal time, that is a huge plus imo, nobody wants to wait 2-15 business days
online reviews are 4/5, mostly good, another plus
spreads are good, higher than tickmill, forex chief, same as osprey, lower than coinexx and turnkey for spot metals, +/-
24/7 customer service, big plus, very responsive
24/7 crypto trading, I wont be doing crypto trading, +/-
affiliate program, a plus
this guy also tested their deposit and withdrawals

they came out recently, 2019

pick this broker at your own risk, I am NOT affiliated with eaglefx, I just find them to be the best option for offshore as of now (spread-wise/+youtube reviews/+online reviews/babypips users have reported withdrawal successes, not many, handful so far)

the affiliate link is for people who are thinking of joining, anything helps right?

for regulated I would go with forex chief and oanda, offshore eaglefx seems like a good choice imo, but do your own due diligence, I have been researching past 10 days to arrive to my decision

list of brokers I was considering:
FX Choice
Oanda (regulated)
Tickmill (regulated)
Forex Chief (regulated)

what I did was I opened demo accounts for all of them and I checked out their spreads for the pairs I am interested in during NY session 9am-9:30am EST (the highest I believe) and compared the spreads from there by constantly logging in and out of each demo account in mt4

thanks !

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i also trade with Eaglefx and love this broker but i spread my money around with 3 other brokers


how is your experience with the mt4 and withdrawals? all good?

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my withdrawals come within 4hrs same day including weekends, they are the fastest withdrawal broke i ever had

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I have withdrawn £5000 and it was there in about 9 hours(through Bitcoin)

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Did it take as long as that? I know it normally requires 6 confirmations I think to clear and hit your wallet. Normally takes around 2-3hrs for me. Though the biggest withdrawal was less at about £2k but not sure that would make a difference.

Used them since they opened so over a year now and always been solid for me. I also use IC Markets and they are pretty similar for trading conditions. But as above I prefer to split my risk across brokers and accounts.

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Might have been a blockchain thing not sure but 9 hours was fine for me.


anyone else had any success withdrawing from eaglefx and how much?

just did a $100 withdrawal from eaglefx, was processed within 1 hr, appeared on my coinbase account as pending, this is fast imo


my last 7 withdrawals was process and approve within 15min for me. i did one yesterday / sunday for 560 had my money in coinbase account within 45mins

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Yeah could have been. Waited 5 hrs for a BTC payment from somewhere else the other day. Network was just sluggish and took ages for the first confirmation.

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I’ve had a very positive experience so far. I’ve been using them to scalp indices and cryptos at the weekend. I use my btc wallet and it’s solid. Withdrawals are there within hours

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Blockchain can be up and down

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yes always same day in my experience…:slight_smile: very reliable


Maybe with ETH2 in the pipeline they might accept ETH deposits and withdrawals. Would be virtually instant.

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Not bad for the range of investment options that they have.

I found it somewhat hard to deal with stop loss using them. When I used to place the actual stop loss, they mostly triggered it 9-10 pips beforehand. As this isn’t regulated, I had a better experience with the regulated ones I use - ICM, Fxview, and XM.