What new skills or hobbies have you been busy with?

yes its not is easy to keep a routine, but you do feel better for it, start basics on you tube about 15-20 minutes, say 3 times a week.

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In the past we’ve grown potatoes, yellow squash, broccoli and some other things. My wife took care of most of it, while I was at work.
Fresh vegetables are the best. Once, we had fresh (harvested - cooked the same day), frozen and canned squash all on the same plate, just to see. Fresh is the winner. It was a pretty surprising difference, so, I hope you can find a way to have something home grown! :slightly_smiling_face:

My wife has grown herbs with mixed results. Outside they seemed to grow better than under a grow light, but she has succulents (not edible) inside that look great.

Oh, this year we were inside during planting season - for a couple of health reasons, but the perennials are doing fine. Maybe this fall or next year?

BTW, why are recipes called “recipes” and not “formulas” or just “instructions”? :face_with_monocle:


Wow! Interesting. Do you have photos of what you’ve made so far?

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People aren’t allowed to keep chickens? Hmm I guess I can see that. But they’re so cute!!! :heart: What will you do with them then? :open_mouth:

I love the smell of garlic and onions! Fish, not too much especially because that smell takes FOREVER to dissipate! :joy:


Well at least you finally have some time to work on all the stuff that needs to be done around the house.

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Wow! Interesting. Do you have photos of what you’ve made so far?

well, still need some work though haha


I try doing some painting in my free time and just relax.


That’s a very nice and spacious coop. How many are there in all? 5 yellow and 1 black?

My guess is that formulas and instructions have strict rules with respect to quantity/ measurement of ingredients while a recipe basically stays the same even if you increase/ decrease the quantity of ingredients according to your taste.

Can’t comment on the bird but the right one looks almost perfect. How long did it take for you to learn making one of these?

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Nice!! Very cool, bro. It’s fun to explore your art side, huh? What about origami caught your attention?

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Hi all, I was feeling quite lazy when I see what y’all been up to then I realised - I’ve learned to sew !

Thiose are 2 layer washable masks with pm 2.5 inserts - best design I could come up with - Denim outer to catch as much of the moisture droplets as possible old shirt cut up for the inners and made in sections so the pm 2.5 insert can be put in pposition - with acco type archive file binders cut down for the flexible nose moulding.

But seeing as the missus’s sewing machine was playing up (Broken motor casting) - I decided to buy another since I couldn’t think of a way of repairing it.

Eventually I DID repair it with brute force and 2 big woodscrews !

But by then I’d had a root around on ebay and since the boat canopy is getting a bit raggy - decided on a “Decent one” and eventually bought this ;


(Bought the extra 8 Cams separately)

It’s a Viking Husqvarna 6440 - and it had an intermittent “No go” fault which took me 3 days to find and cure - but now she runs sweet as a nut does straight line of course zig zag, button hole, and thse extra 32 patterns - some of which look great with a twin needle and contrasting colour threads ! and several of them will simulate an Overlocker (Serger) to prevent edge fraying. :smiley:

Also has a great bobbin winder and a 1/5 speed function - which triples the power and of course the reverse and adjustabe presser foot pressure.

Here’s one in operation ;

Somene on U tub reckons it’s the best sewing machine ever made and it hails from 1970’s.

Cost me just over £100 all in - but hey that’s cheap !

Anyhow - I’m pleased with it and the masks don’t even let your glasses steam up :slightly_smiling_face: - even tho’ they take me 3-4 hours each to cut out, make the bias binding and stitch all the components together before final assembly - and they sdo wash fine in the machine.


two weeks, the swan looks more like a scrunched up plane haha


i love it how just with a few folds and creases, a piece of paper could turn into something beautiful. well, i still have a loooong way to go haha. but yeah, i like doing origami now. it feels nice just focusing and trying to it the best that i can

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Trying to avoid going to a store to get parts and stuff needed for the repairs doesn’t make things easy. But I am trucking along.

What an appropriate time to take up sewing and what an appropriate product to make !

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True, now is probably a better time than ever.

Yeah, but that’s too many after they get large.

Wow! Sounds like rocket science (and maybe dangerous), but the masks are impressive! :smiley:

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