What new skills or hobbies have you been busy with?

Thank you - I’m in the “vulnerable” category and we have the wife’s brother staying with us - who is also in there, so the masks are the best I can do to protect the three of US - mostly masks are to prevent You contaminating Others.

But I love fixing stuff which goes round and round and up and down - and that machine is 45 years old - you’d have to pay £1000 + for something “Computerised” nowadays to do what it can do with cogs and levers and cams ! I am hoping my grand daughters or their kids will still be using it in another 45 years - wonder where those “computerised ones” will be in 45 years time ? :wink:

Anyhow got loads of other stuff to ‘mend’ and make - here’s a piccy of what I think will be the next project !

. As you can see - it’s a Ride on Lawnmower / Garden Tractor, which I stood there about 17 years ago saying "I’ll get that working when I get around to it ! " :rofl:

Stay ambitious! :grinning:

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I been busy with conducting a podcast. With everything that’s been going on, I feel as if people has a lot on their minds but don’t want to share the thoughts to others. That’s what my podcast is about, talking about real subjects of what’s been going on since the pandemic , with harsh honesty.



Looks like we still have a lot of time to work on our “things”.

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Painting as in art or painting around the house?

That’s so cool! How did you learn to sew?

While the situation right now is really depressing, I also feel like it’s given us the time to do things we wouldn’t usually do when we were so busy. It also made me rethink about the things I was so busy on before.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: How to learn ? - same way I learned to ride a motor bike, drive a car, weld, lay bricks, slate a roof - etc - same way you lads learn to play cmputer games -

just start then when you hit a problem, work it out or ask someone (It’s SO much easier now U-tub is there to solve most of our skills shortages ) -

It’s important to remember - THAT is how boys/men DO “learning” (including trading)
[EDIT - generally speaking - Girls/women learn by “Sit by Nellie” (Copying) ]

Today I had a Son in Law ring me up and ask if I’d tow a caravan round to his for him - so he could “Work out how it works” - said he was thinking of taking “Towing lessons” so he could move it himself ! - I felt quite sad for my daughter at that !

hey man - Here’s a wee clip about a great series - from early 1980’s when a lot of us were Depressed - don’t miss Yosser and the “Glasgow kiss” close to the end

I hope we don’t go back there again !


I think that’s Important - I too have been thinking about what things in life are IMPORTANT - to ME and what things - I just do “For the sake of peace and quiet” - or to “Stop the neighbours talking”

As my old man used to say "F— 'em - I owe them NOwt "*