What personality traits do successful traders have and do you have them?

Things like discipline and good emotional management skills are two. i believe i have both but what are others one needs?

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Dream big and don’t quit.


yes - for sure

i can suggest these two:-

  1. some analytical/mathematical traits: i’ve never known anyone achieve any trading success without some understanding of the relevant probability and statistics

  2. some “judgement” (or whatever you want to call it) in deciding whose advice to follow - this part’s hugely important when the “consensus of opinion” is usually mistaken and ill-informed, as can readily be inferred from such low long-term success-rates

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A willingness to always fight another day.


I agree with all these guys.


Emotional Control!

Discipline, patience and adaptability.

Technical skills but can be personality trait too

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Be relentless, Always willing to learn, the really good ones are extremly humble. All these are uncommon human traits.

A trader must have sufficient passion so that any major occurrence doesn’t make him depart from his goal.

A trader must have endurance and discipline. He should also not be greedy and be able to wait for all conditions to make quality trades.