What was your reason to learn Forex?

Same feeling, same story

that ain’t suppose to be the other way around, your on an intelligence?

I like money and I Love time. I want that rare combination of time and money and forex is the vehicle to that lifestyle.

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For many trader, Forex is the only way to earn money and they live life as others do. It is on you that how you are managing the your work and handling it.

learning and knowledge is a good combination when trading in practical , but it will not works for a minimum long term until having regular practice.

Sounds like a plan!

Well, forex needs regular practice to earn money

Once I get started trading with real money I’m hoping to make a little extra money on the side. I won’t lie though. It would be nice to do this full-time and not have to worry about working anymore. heh To dream… I also like the challenge. I’ve always been good with numbers and analyzing patterns so instead of memorizing baseball stats I’ll put that talent towards making some extra money.

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Good luck, so what your validating yourself in?

Who doesn’t want independence from 9-5 and some extra bucks.

My aim is similar to most of the other Forex traders. I want to earn extra money from Forex business. Then Forex proves it is best for me because it gives me many freedoms to earn within my times , I can do it in day or night for some hours . It is also a good part time job , home based work So i like forex to earn from it.

Ray, I think that your choice was an excellent idea. Certainly if you are spending a lot of time on computer, then it is more easier for you to follow the market and trade during whole day. We, who have regular jobs, can only trade during our free time after work

Amen, you got an appointance, what FX are your on;’ working out?

Market fluctuation is the reason why I have decided to learn as it is very fascinating situation where the prices either rise or fall based on supply and demand. There are so many things you could learn from that.
I would be lying if I didn’t mention that money is also another factor too.

@Gmoore Sorry for not answering almost 2 months ago. Nope everything is still going rather slow. Demo account is up since end of July, but I am having trouble organizing my time and concentration, plus I am struggling a bit with how to start. there is a major fog that needs to be cleared.

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No worries mate! Thats fine, you just need better time management and you will be up and flying.
Keep using the demo.

Everyone want a freedom and good life but not possible for other person. If you are a survive then you are going to win it but you are arguing for every small things then sorry it is not for you.

The best training course; even much better option than paid trading courses!

Alfotis, I strongly support your will to learn forex. I think that you should take your time and try to fit forex learning into you daily schedule. You will see that during time everything would come with more and more ease.

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