What we are NOT being told about Corona


Without watching this, is it going to tell me that covid-19 is -
a) escaped from a Chinese biological warfare lab in Wuhan?
b) deliberately released by western big pharma to run up their profits?
c) a plot by the world domination league so they can impose martial controls on the population?
d) a complete hoax by the MSM?


Events like these are much like trading. We all see the same data but only a handful can interpret it much better than the rest.

And some of us don’t even need to see the charts in order to opine on the markets. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Do you mean corona?

As in “coronoavirus”.

I don’t think it’s called “Carona”.

Thanks. Changed.

The modern world - instant communication, so stupid conspiracy theories are quickly spread - almost like the virus - and we have people burning down 5g masts in the UK.

My son is a firefighter, they got a complaint that at a recent call the firefighters were stood too close to each other in breach of govt guidelines (2 metres/6ft apart).

When the officer read the complaint he muttered ‘how the f did he think we got there’.


Good conspiracy theories are spread equally quickly. This keeps us informed. That is a good thing.

The guy in the video is not just a silly guy. He’s running for a Senate seat. He’s a technologist and an entrepreneur. There are many in his state and without who are cheering for him. It might be a good idea to listen to what he has to say and at least ponder it. Others share his beliefs too. He’s not the only one saying these things.

It’s easy to dismiss everything contrary to your beliefs as stupid conspiracy theories. But is that in your interest? Is that in the interest of your loved ones? What if this guy speaks the truth? Have you considered that?

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very little of this is about the actual corona virus and most of it just hyper cut clips complaining about the political system and the dolts who run it. Shame.

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I think people are shortening the name just as they would any name.

William Bill, Suzane Sue, Catherine Cathy, get the picture.



Actually, I have seen people misspelling corona with carona for some reason. Hopefully they realized that it is incorrectly termed. :laughing:

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Thanks for sharing huh?

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Never mentioned any video, you will note that I mentioned the stupid conspiracy theory that the virus is spread via 5g - thus the burning down of masts.

If that is not the height of stupidity (pun intended) then I don’t know what is

Then again reflecting on the thread title … you never know, maybe it is being spread by 5g and we are not being told…


I always find it somewhat frustrating that people who have not even bothered to watch the video seem to be the strongest critics - much the same as with the Global Warming Hysteria -
Now I don’t know the origin of this virus - as a biological weapon it seems to do such a poor job that any “Bio Lab” would be ashamed to admit it was “one of theirs” - But as an instrument of speading terror and panic - it seems to be doing rather a good job in having people give up control of their own lives and allow state intervention in everything they do.

We have seen that fake or very poor analysis can easily be accepted by Governments and put forward as the answer to world problems and even promoted and pushed by so-called experts - We have seen this in the demonisation of saturated fats and cholesterol and the pushing of high carb low fat diets and demonisation of meat started and promoted by one Ancel Keys in ths '60’s and pushed and promoted by every doctor and health authority in the world

which has resulted in massive use of Statins and a massively overweight and diabetic western world !

We are seeing the same process of propanganda in the Globall Warming Farce - which is intended to reduce us to serfdom under the control of a “Big Brother State”

Tell you what - I’d vote for this guy !


There are two intellectual problems with conspiracy theories.

  1. Typically there is a lack of hard verifiable evidence for the theory and a massive weight of verifiable evidence for the actual scenario. In the longest-lasting and most widely known conspiracy theories, this obstacle is brushed aside and even held to be a form of proof that the theory is correct and that there has been a suppression of the true facts. The evidence obstacle never disappears but never wins the argument either way.

  2. Maybe more importantly, it has to be a case for enquiry as to what else conspiracy theorists believe in. So if they believe in one conspiracy theory despite no significant verifiable evidence, then surely they must believe in all conspiracy theories with an equal imbalance of evidence. This is a real obstacle to believing any conspiracy theories - how do you select the right ones?


:rofl: :rofl:

In addition to 5g there is a gmo corona strain that is transmitted through the short wave length blue light spectrum emitted by “screens”. entering through the eyes it remains latent, in the body, to be released on May 1 creating the second more devastating wave of infection. :rofl: :sweat_smile:

Can you imagine getting paid to write stuff like this??!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing

So start washing your eyes after you wash your hands!


@Falstaff, @QuadPip, The relentless spread of COVID-19 Virus just doesn’t make much sense.

I researched a great deal in the first few weeks of the outbreak… my BP posts about the Fiscal fallout go back into Jan-Feb… and even in the early days, it just didn’t look right…

Now I’m not saying it is a deliberately released Bioweapon or some of the other wild ideas published across thousands of social media sites… it’s the spread… it’s almost too effective… so many territories have been exposed to this Virus… even some of the most isolated Islands and villages etc…

If the human race was so connected via everyday travel movements and/or close proximity to each other, why haven’t other contagious diseases spread throughout the globe so effectively…

Golden Staph, Meningococcal, Ebola just to name a few that are antibiotic resistant and some even possibly deadlier than MERS-CoV and SARS- CoV (severe acute respiratory syndrome) which were also beta coronaviruses… have had nowhere even close to the coverage and spread of this outbreak…

So maybe there is substance in #Plandemic… and this is not an accidental Pandemic… which is damaging millions of people around the Globe either physically or financially.

A bit like Retail Forex, a few years back… most here thought they were trading the real InterBank Markets against other retail traders until reality (by FXCM) was revealed that we are all only trading against our Brokers Computerised Algorithms…

So… when smoke can be smelt, it’s very likely fire can be found…


Do you think this could have been an experiment by the Chinese and or Russians from the testing facility outside Wuhan?

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My grandmother told a story - back in the early days of instant media, the radio (they called it a wireless).

One of the more affluent country folk got their new appliance installed and many neighbours visited to hear this wonder box.

They were all gathered round, nobody dared interrupt - then one old man got up and looked behind the radio, shook his head slowly and said ‘the devil is in that box’.

When it was explained that the sound was carried through the air in waves matters got worse - the consensus was that these waves if breathed in would cause all sorts of ailments.

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Hi @Julliette12, Welcome… I honestly don’t know… China does have it’s Biotech Labs in Wuhan Province, it could be internal Chinese terrorism… No one knows…

If I lived in Fukushima and suffered from radiation sickness, I don’t think I’d be blaming the Microwave…


Welcome Julliette.

The theory that the virus leaked from the lab in Wuhan ‘is not being discounted’ a member of the UK’s cobra committee commented.

Of course there are denials and there are some who say the science indicate a natural source but I’d say there are people who will dig to the truth - just as they did on the Novichok poisoning