What we are NOT being told about Corona

Open Letter to President Trump outlines the agenda behind unleashing the China virus :exclamation:

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CDC numbers reveal hospitals counted over 130K deaths from Pneumonia, Influenza, Heart Attack as Covid-19

[ Watch news report :point_down:t2: ]

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In 1918 they hadn’t the disposable face masks - so the slogan was:

"Obey the laws and wear the gauze."

Another one was;

“The man or woman or child who will not wear a mask now is a dangerous slacker”

(Slackers didn’t help the war effort).

They lightened the laws near the end of 1918 - then came a spike early 1919 and the masks were back for 3 weeks.

Good news is that by 1920 the virus had mutated - victims now had to endure only a bad cold.

“You know… our doctors get paid more if someone dies of covid…”, Trump exposing the political fraudulent side of the China virus

Hospitals are paid more if patients are listed as COVID. Coincidentally the flu has magically disappeared this year.

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Florida parents sue Sarasota Co. school board for requiring students to wear face masks. Yay !

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The Senate Republican Conference on Wednesday released the first of a five-part documentary series, which it intends to use to take back the messaging around the government’s coronavirus response effort.

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For guys interested in non conspiracy - the flu is transmitted as a virus - and guess what - keeping apart, wearing a mask and washing your hands impedes the transmission of said virus - thanks Q for alerting us.

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Just in case anyone out there is daft enough to think “Judicial Watch” is an official or balanced source of information

"Judicial Watch is an American conservative activist group that files Freedom of Information Act lawsuits to investigate claimed misconduct by government officials. Founded in 1994, JW has primarily targeted Democrats:

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Yeah. Kinda like the inverse of ACLU.

Belfast News letter:

John Fleming, who was a patient in a haemotology ward, passed away in Craigavon Area Hospital on Thursday and his daughter Yvonne said her father told her to tell his story as he didn’t want anyone else to go through what he was forced to endure these last few days.

“He fought really strong and hard, he gave it everything but when I went into see him he said, ‘I didn’t bargain for this, I don’t want to die, I’m afraid of dying. It’s not the cancer that’s killing me, it’s Covid’,”

He asked me to tell his story because he doesn’t want another family to go through what we have been through.

Yvonne further commented:

“He had bone cancer, the prognosis was ten years he could live with this cancer, Covid has now robbed us of that".

“What I would like to know and what my mother would like to know is how the virus got through the hospital’s defences into his ward. We can’t get our head round it.”

John was ready to be discharged - then unexpectedly his temperature shot up, they did a test.

The cartoon up above is funny, it’s easy to see the arrow, covid is not so easy to see.

Keep your distance, wear a mask, wash your hands.

Thank you to the daughter of John Fleming.

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As for apologies - we all owe so many.

To those who have lost loved ones and yet we thought it was just a bug.

To those who have lost their job and yet we thought it was just over there and not here.

To those who feel alone, not visited, not hugged and yet we turned our backs.

And perhaps not thought of, the politicians who wrestled with their judgement trying to do the right thing for everyone.

And to whom do i not apologize - stupid conspiracy theorists - I make no apology for calling them stupid :slight_smile:

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Ah yes, the quarantine camps… or as the rest of the world calls it… “quarantining”. Honestly, I can’t even tell if QuadPip is an actual person, AI is quite advanced these days.

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Masks Are Neither Effective Nor Safe: A Summary Of The Science

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