What would you buy first if you'd have a million dollars?

People would probably say house, car, and boat, so except those three, what would you buy first if you were given that big amount of money?

I wouldn’t buy anything. I would give a donation to my favourite charity.



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That’s so nice of you @Blackduck.

It’s pretty much a house but since it’s an exemption, uhm?.. a cup of coffee. Then I’ll think about what I’m going to do with the rest. Can I buy a house then? :sweat_smile:

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You can do whatever your heart desires. Have a great weekend.

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A Ferrari sound good eh? :smiley:

You read my mind. That’s my favourite car.



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I might buy essentials or upgrade existing essentials. I might not choose to change the neighbourhood.

No matter what, I’ll order for a cup of tea out of that 1 million at first.

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Better dental care.

The first thing that I would buy is maybe a laptop. I’ll find some business to start. Then I’ll keep the rest until I need to buy something.

I wouldn’t spend such a sum impulsively at once, but first I would plan everything well. But first of all, I would have bought all those little things that you always wanted to have, but it was a pity to spend money on it. And of course I would have bought my close friends and family an expensive dinner. So I would start spending my million this way))

Yeahh, mine too! :wink:

Probably some profit earning company that will bring revenue constantly or a house and a few cars. There is a lot that can be done with that money.

True, a good investment would be paramount if one has that kind of money.

I think I will buy a luxury car, probably a mustang or something. But again, I can also invest it somewhere. Who knows!

To each their own. I, personally, have never been interested in cars much. Now, real estate? That’s another matter altogether. :smiley:

  1. private health insurance
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A trading account.



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Man, you took my answer! I would love to have a million in my forex account. I doubt if I would put it all in one basket. But the option to do it would be nice!

I think the new thing for semi-wealthy traders these days is to start a funding firm.

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Airline ticket


Yeah, I’d definitely lay low. I’d boost up my trading account and try to buy some unlimited miles airline ticket.

I’d buy a legit iphone (not a refurb like I have now), a $50,000 house in a small town to return to once in a while after travelling, oh…and a surf board.

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