What YouTube channels are best?

Anyone suggest any good YouTube channels to look at?

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Warrior tradings pretty good, have you watched that?

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I just started a Youtube channel where I post trades, forecasts and the diary of my trading challenge.

Forecasts, journal, trades, etc.

Feel free to study and backtest them.

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Avoid instagram, twitter and youtube traders until you know enough to see who are scammers and con artists.

Lots of fake traders with fake trades, rented luxury goods and even fake movie prop money.


Always test out on Demo if what they are saying is true. Like this you can experience it yourself, without actually being scammed thus losing money.

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Check out ICT - Inner Circle Trader. Talks a lot but some real gems in there.

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actually i dont believe any you tube channel about Forex suggestion , Forex forum is the best source if anyone willing to learn


No but I will now! Thanks!

Oh ok, thanks!

Will do - thanks!

No Nonsense Forex
Ditto trade
Forex Academy
Trading Fanatic


Thanks for the tip!

Lee Baxter trading good for analysis

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Andrea Unger
Kevin Davey
Ben Felix

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Will check these out. Videos tend to help me more than text

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I like both

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Awesome, will check him out

Great, thanks for sharing!

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  • Traders4Traders - Managed by an ex banker. Series on how bankers trade forex is especially helpful.
  • TradingHeroes - Some great interviews with traders, atleast one author. Also found a few good videos on backtesting.
  • OptoCMC has a 7 part series on trading psychology by Tom Hougaard, which I found very helpful.
  • Rayner Teo - Ex-prop Trader and popular youtuber. No nonsense content.
  • Hannah Forex - Relatively new 2-3 year trader who’s journaling her trading journey and shares her triumphs and struggles candidly.
  • Karen Foo - Candid, no nonsense content.
  • Patrick Boyle - Fund manager and founder of Palomar Capital.

Forgot this one. :+1:

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