What's cooking?

Tobacco or…TOBACCO PASTA!!!

I can see the commercial already. ¨Tired of smoking the same old boring tobacco? Well, now you EAT it!¨


@dushimes Just imagine cigarettes being replaced with this pasta, I’m already imagining a group of chain smokers standing in one dark corner of a building’s gallery and eating this pasta. That sight would be hilarious :joy: :joy:

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Imflamable pipe spaghetti :fire::joy::rofl:

Get it patented

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This looks good!

I suppose each southeast Asian country has a different version of this kind of dessert. It’s sticky rice cooked in a banana leaf. It makes you wonder who was the first person to come up with this. People must have thought he was nuts until they tried it.

It’s shaped like a triangle. How do you say “no” to food shaped like a triangle??


Wow, just found this post, my favourite one, :star_struck:
I love cooking and I love a big kitchen, :laughing: :laughing:
I just made this cake a few days ago. In my original country, it’s made on Lunar New Year.

The read one was made from sweet rice, banana and red bean.
The yellow one was made with sweet rice, mung bean, pork meat, salted duck egg.



That looks delicious!!! Good job!

When you said:

I knew you meant business! haha
I saw a video of a woman making steamed pork buns with a duck egg inside. It blew my mind! I never hear of putting an EGG inside! That’s amazing!

I love steamed buns, but I never had one with an egg inside.

How do you like it with banana?

And how long do you steam yours for? One person said 25 minutes, another person said 40. 40 minutes seems a bit long. Maybe I heard wrong…

The egg in this picture is just normal egg, not salted duck egg. It’s quail egg since it’s quite small. The salted duck egg will be put in salt water around 1 month and the yolk has red color when it’s cooked yet. It’s a little bit hard and limber.

It’s limber of sweet rice, sweet from banana and taste of coconut milk (I mixed coconut milk with sweet rice before making the cake), it’s delicious. You should try once then you can feel exactly, hahaha

It took me 4 and a half hour with gas cooking, if you use instant pot, it’s around 1 hour, not too long.

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Cooking is art, but I think it should be spontaneous. I hate following recipes. They restrain me so much. Instead, I invent dishes on the go. I never memorize them because at any time I can invent new ones.

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my grandad lived to be 98 !

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You have a good instinct for cooking! It sounds like you are very familiar with your ingredients!

How would you go about making a soufflé without a recipe? How about macaroons, curry shrimp, or coconut bread? How about a hollandaise?

How can you improvise a hollandaise sauce? Wouldn’t you have to follow a recipe the first few times before you can start putting your own spin on it?

I agree that cooking is an art.

Spontaneous, always? How can a restaurant survive like that? You enjoy eggplant parmesean at a local restaurant, you go back again next week and now it has tuna on top of the eggplant. Well, the chef is improvising isn’t he?

There must be some level of predictability. Spontaneity has its place, in my opinion. In the home, or in competition.

Dare I say you are so fast-paced that you feel uncomfortable following recipes. Perhaps you lack the patience? Maybe I’m wrong. Inventing new recipes every single time sounds chaotic. There’s no structure in that cuisine.

The skill is in the reproduction of that dish; not just making a whole new one. If I asked you to make your Monday night chicken dish again, could you? How can you return to something you made last summer that was really good?

I think you have a gift for cooking. Something many of us lack. You have an understanding…an intuition.

I definitely need a recipe to follow. Once I get familiar and have don’t it a few times, I can start improvising and being creative. If I get a nice combination, I can write down the recipe and try it again another day.

I have to walk before I run.

@Thorgalis Do you have any particular favorite dishes? Seafood? Poultry? Pastries?

I thought all pork rinds were created equal. Nope.
I tried this brand, just out of convenience, and the pork rinds aren’t as crunchy as my usual brand.

They’re actually rather unpleasant to eat. Now, I know better.

16-Pound Tomahawk Steak Is The Regal Feast Of Your Carnivorous Dreams

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It looks so much bigger in the picture! haha It looks like it came from a dinosaur!

I just looked it up.

I wonder if that’s true. Does the bone affect the flavour at all?
The steak looks delicious, though! This is my first time hearing of it!


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I never taste it any other way, I guess if you cut the meat off the bone before cooking it, it might taste different, heck I don’t know

EDIT; My picture was a 16lb tomahawk, that’s why it’s so big

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There are a variety of tomahawk steaks available, not all of them are created equal.

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I think it has more to do with the presentation. Perhaps it’s worth it, considering you eat with your eyes first.

But that’s a big mark-up for something I can’t even eat. haha

Throw some saffron on that, at least!

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That looks so good!!! I’ve seen that cut before, though not in person.

But, from my experience, a good cut of meat doesn’t need any seasoning besides a little bit of salt.

What do you think?

This is true, I have never add seasoning when I eat it at a restaurant, some places don’t even add salt and it still taste good with out salt

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Right!! I laugh at myself for the days I used to use steaksauce! haha

By the way, I just looked up saffron, out of curiosity and I found this article. Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world. I never used it before. I’ve seen it used in rice dishes. According to google, it’s used for flavour and colour. If it’s about colour, I’ll just go with some cumin. It’s waaaay cheaper, haha.

That’s a lot of money.

“Shailesh Modak didn’t have an easy road to the point where he would make around $12,000 for less than a kilogram of the world’s most expensive common spice, and like many entrepreneurs, he had to face a bit of disappointment first.”

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