What's cooking?

hahaha right?

Why don’t drug dealers just sell saffron?!?!

¨you got that saffron?¨
¨Yeah, $300¨
¨Cool, cool. My wife’s mother is coming over for dinner tomorrow. I wanna impress her with a rice and chicken dish.¨
¨Come see me next week for some Himalayan pink salt. Be safe, bro.¨

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Tomahawk Pork Chops


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OMG!! What are you doing to me?! hahaa

Those pork chops look so good!!

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I just found these grapes at the supermarket!!

They’re amazing! The best grapes I’ve ever had! Seriously, they’re better than candy!

Have any of you guys tried them?

I encourage anyone to try them if granted the opportunity. I’ve been snacking on crackers lately, and this is a much healthier choice.

As per google:

Homemade- Smoked Ribs

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I wonder if the flavor changes with wood vs charcoal??

wood chunks on top of charcoal

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I’ve never seen a technique like that before!! That’s interesting. I wonder how different bbq techniques are in different countries…

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