What's cooking?

Good thing he’s not my friend. I’d tell him we’re gonna go to a rural village, and bring tons of mac and cheese with us.

Once there, I’d burn up all those boxes. Then I’d simply offer him some fish and rice, and tell him that’s all we have to eat here. Then, just wait…

In less than 24 hours, his disorder will be cured.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Despite how brutal this sounds, this may provide the cure

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It sucks that it’s a coping mechanism for him. But it’s gone on for too long without any intervention.

It’s hard to judge, though. Dealing with trauma takes time.

His grandparents could have insisted a bit more.

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does that comment about dogs comes into play here

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haha you got me there!

I guess it does!

Hey Grandma, what’s for lunch?

Mac and cheese, again!

Yes!! This has been the best month everrrr!


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In all seriousness, though. That food is his coping mechanism for his trauma as a kid. The real problem isn’t the food, it’s overcoming his past.

I say he needs a copy of Goggins’s book before he sees any professionals.

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I agree, Almost all problems have a root cause

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has anyone tried horse meat?

HORSE Meat SAUSAGE. 450 - 500 Prepared a Day at HOME. Very POWERFUL Meat

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For me, that would be a no. But I’d certainly try it. Horse burger, rat burger, whatever. Let’s eat!

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Does this actually exist.

Rat burgers are new delicacy in Moscow

(26 Nov 2016) Moscow’s latest food craze appears to have scurried straight from the river bed onto diners’ plates.

A burger made of rodent meat has become the latest must-have dish in the Russian capital after a restaurant specialising in southern Russian food put the “nutria”, or river rat, on its menu.

Extreme Bushmeat!! Nigeria’s WILD Animal Markets!!

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When in Rome…or When in Nigeria, do as the Nigerians…

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Would you try monkey meat?

African Tribe Offers Me Monkey Meat

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On Joe Rogan’s podcast, a guy was talking about the Hazda. They used to eat a wide variety of animals that were bountiful. But now, due to humans, their diet variety has shrunk.


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BTW, I think we can learn so much from this group. But if people keep visiting them like this, someone’s gonna give them the flu and wipe them out for good…

Perhaps it’s wise if the Tanzanian government protected them and the land; such as obtaining permits before entering that land.

@SmallPaul What do you think?

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On an Indian island, there is a tribe that doesn’t allow outsiders, and they killed someone a few years ago. On another island in India, they started letting outsiders in, and they got so sick that they almost wiped out the people, so yeah, I agree with you.

An American Tourist Sailed To North Sentinel. It Ended Badly

Why Visiting This Lost Island Will Kill You

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I feel like I’m on my own North Sentinel Island, right now! haha

Studying charts, little knowledge of the outside world…

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It is my belief that people should be left alone, but we want to introduce them to the modern world for some reason

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Imagine zooming in on google Earth to see what that place is like at night. It’d be funny to see them dancing to Rihanna on a bluetooth speaker an outsider gifted them.

Strange how the people on that island look Negroid and not Indian…it would almost be equally confusing if they were Caucasian.

How did they even get there? If they were Indian, it would make sense. That must be an interesting story.