What's your favorite meme coin out there?

Meme coins are exploding. I don’t understand the appeal, but hey, they’re speculative assets like the next guy.

And they’re ripping!

The new guys are winning the show at the moment.

WIF and BONK are going crazy right now!

WIF is up 323% in the last 90d.
BONK is up 700% in the last 12 months, 150% in the last 90d.



These are my top five from my “shootcoin” portfolio which consists of less than 10% of our crypto holdings in its entirety.

Since 6Jan2024
NEXT +110%
ALPH +51%
CELR +43%
TARA +14%
Since 16Feb24
BONK +11%

For sure it is not all roses. My worst Shootcoin components is DIMO at -23%.
Until a couple of days ago, this shootcoin team portfolio had five profit and five loss making components. After the extraordinary last two days, only DIMO is loss making out of 10 components.

I’d say it is just market cycle and luck, not expertise in choosing. But they say you have to be in it to win it, and the only mistake in life if you have a passion is NOT to participate. If you have no skin in game, you can neither win nor lose, and that is the equivalent of being dead but just refusing to lie down :rofl:

Edit: I also have some personal favourites from 2023, which I took profit from and have a very small interest in, having bought back in at a more favourable price after exiting. XTP, POWR, DOGE. My friend convinced me to buy some DOGELON, so I bought a few million for $10. We all need a joke in our lives.

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For anyone wondering what BONK is:

Bonk Inu, created by anonymous developers as a joke after the collapse of the FTX exchange and its sister trading firm Alameda Research

Meanwhile PEPE is:

PEPE coin is just like another meme coin which does not hold any fundamental and intrinsic value and has no utility. In fact, it is regarded as the most “memeable” meme coin built on the Ethereum blockchain and works as an ERC token.

PEPE coin does not have a formal team or any roadmap. It has been just casually created as a tribute to popular internet meme character known as “PEPE the Frog” which gained popularity in the early 2000s.


I was airdropped some BONK. What a nice surprise! It’s been moving at an insane speed. I look at it as a lottery ticket since the airdropped tokens were free. But now its turned into a nice chunk of change!

I would say have a look at WIF. Things going for it at the moment. It’s on Solana and ETH. It’s NOT listed on Binance or CB. That’s huge for me. If and when that happens, maybe I get myself a nice pickleball racket!

Wow, just looked at the chart. WIF has gone 100% in… 2 days.

That’s a 2x.

And I’ve sold. Transaction failed 3 times before clearing. Crazy times.

I’ll hop back in at the next double-digit drop.

Will you cash out?

I closed out completely, yes.

Oh oops missed the part where you said you’ve sold. That’s amazing. Free money!!!

I reviewed that one when I was over in Tirana beginning of the year. It’s rank was too high. The specifics of that portfolio was that the components could do a 100X so I chose most tokens with a market cap of a few mill. Everything is mooning right now.

“Dog wif hat”. It conjures up images of some guy on a London street with a hat and a pair of glasses on his Doge.

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What a difference a day makes - BONK up 111% from 11%

Meme coins are a joke!
Everyone who thinks this will be the holy grail to make their millions, watch out!
Since there is no underlying asset these are pure gambling. Some have a successful moment then when greed kicks in crash to never be seen again.

350% surge in a week. More than 600% in a month. :astonished:

Pepe, Shiba, Bonk, WIF, Doge, and Floki are going insane. They added something like 12% to the entire crypto industry’s MC last week. I’m sure that number is larger now.

But it’s highly volatile. Shiba Inu had a quick 50% drop within 15 min yesterday. That got bought up quickly however.

Looks like even King Charles has a new coin trading on Uniswap now!

Just search 0x5be50E36e730886971AE5BBDe9A65698E9AC735E in Uniswap.

Got to be worth a punt… I just bought a small amount.

Completely a joke, but does that matter if you can speculate on it and make money?

You are a brave soul. It’s a lottery ticket buy, and definitely worse odds. But only you know your risk profile.

Anybody can create a cryptocurrency.

I hope your bag is super small, and extremely close to zero.

Not my favorite but I bought some Floki and Pixel last week—just a small amount so I’ll just wait and see how it plays out.