What's your goal for 2021?

Ooh. :smiley: You really have your mind set on this goal. :smiley: And I’m sure that if it’s you, you can make it happen! :blush: Good luuuck! I’ll be cheering for you!

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Despite the fact that it is mid 2021 my goal for this year is still making my financial state much much better :slight_smile: at the moment it leaves much better to be desired so I hope that at least my car I will get as soon as possible :slight_smile: [Removed for forums policy violation]

There’s still time! :blush: I hope you can make it happen before the year ends! :smiley: Good luuuck. :blush:

I want to become a professional bitcoin trading expert.

How does one become that?

Hmmm. :thinking: This is interesting. :blush: I’m not really sure what a professional bitcoin trading expert is. Does that mean you’re consistently profitable with BTC? Is there a course on this? :blush:

It got me very curious too. :thinking:

To be consistently profitable at the moment im profitable just need a little bit more consistency

Start getting ready to take the FTMO challenge in 2022

We’ve all started thinking about 2022, haven’t we? How time flies. :sweat_smile:

Just to consent what other options I have as a trader, not to overstep overstep. This is a long game.

@Mondeoman How are you doing with this goal so far?

Well, let’/s see. I have just had nearly six months off contracting work, and didn’t have to borrow any additional funds. And I have been peeing cash into the crypto farm. So it looks like we are doing OK. The Chia farm is taking me too long to set up. I really need to knuckle down and get those other 1,000 plots on line pronto.


Wow. That is REALLY good!!! Congrats!!!

That would be awesome if I manage to start my own business fingers crossed I would start with a Shopify store. The first thing to do to get successful is attaching Kukapp application to the store to improve the store’s usability while using mobile version.

Hmmm… not really, I had sold some silver (which always goes against the grain) - and a property too. But the property sale only generated about 10% of the profit it should have over the 10 year lifecycle of holding. Anyway, onwards, and upwards

Oh that’s odd. I thought real estate is doing extra well these days? :open_mouth:

That’s what you get buying for yield instead of “up and coming area”. My decision, my mistake.