What's your worst source of distraction from doing what you want to do?

The small things add up. The five minutes you decide to take to check the news, the ten minutes you spend to check social media… next thing you know it’s taken all two hours of your day.

What are your worst sources of distraction?

Mine is sometimes this forum lmao followed by social media, and then news sites. I’d rather replace that with reading books but it’s a tough tough habit to break! If you’ve ever seen the social commentary Social Dillema on Netflix, you’d know what I mean. :sweat_smile:

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My girlfriend - having to take her out to do chores and eat.

Having to clean the cat litter (I have three cats) on a near constant basis.

Friends inviting me to parties - or just wanting to catch up.

Any form of watching the market intra day is a distraction for me - it robs me of time to do more productive goals

GF + friends - you have no idea how some people would switch lives with you just to have THOSE distractions! I think you are lucky to have many loved ones surround you, including your three cats that need litter changing lol.

I agree though that they can take time away from what we’re working on but perspective and perhaps balance is key. We can’t all be hanging out and dealing with our pets, we won’t achieve anything!

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My worst is my best kind , my wife as she never shuts up. lol


life! theres always things that need sorting. car stuff, repairs, house repairs… just life!!

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Ok now you’ve reminded of THOSE things. I’ve placed them under necessary distractions. :joy:

Not the worse but the best source of distraction and cats would concur.

SLEEPING - I sleep for England !

But I have such fantastic dreams, much more fascinating than day to day stuff and crappy social media junk.

" Never waste any time you can spend sleeping " - Frank H. Knight :zzz: :zzz: :zzz: :yawning_face:

Yeah - sometimes I drive my Bentley, sometimes I ride my racehorse, last night I bought the most fantastic shirt that I have ever seen. :joy:
Not only that - the shirt was in a sale !

Life in general, haha. There is always something to do.

Sleeping is definitely NOT a distraction! It is necessary especially if we want to be functional until we’re 80! So good for you! That’s for sure way better than social media! :joy:

Which is why I don’t understand people who are bored :sweat_smile:

Well, struggling with everyday life is not always necessarily an entertaining thing, sometimes it’s very stressful. I’d rather be bored than stressed.

Good point. But I feel like if you’re stressed at least you’re getting stuff done. Bored though… not doing anything. :woman_shrugging:

I’m the opposite, really. When I am stressed I have a great trouble concentrating.

But when bored though most don’t feel like doing anything! Lol can’t win either way :joy:

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Indeed. It’s Catch 22. :joy:

I see you are selling this on your website, Thanks but NO thanks !


You can also be stressed that your getting nothing done! Lol

This pandemic has made life a distraction :unamused: :sweat_smile:

Hahaha indeed. But easier to solve than having TOO many things that need to get done!

Ahh yes you and me both.

how are you coming over this? tips would be helpful. :joy: