Where are those 'GUT' traders?!

Fibonacci here, ECN there, resistance level a little further, robots and EA’s all the way down there… This technical stuff is making me dizzy!

As a newbie trader, not only is it already hard enough to ‘see’ the trends in the charts (if you see anything at all) but having all that financial jargon thrown at you to ‘clear’ things up and make you some profit is scary!

How about people who go with their gut? You see the trade go up, feel it is soon going to go in a downwards movement and you sell short. PERIOD! No Fibonacci, no blah blah of any kind…

Did anyone out there try this ‘method’ already?

If you wish to gamble you can go to the casino in my humble opinion.

Agreed. What you’re talking about is gambling, not trading. And just like at the casino you might make some short-term money but you will always lose in the long run.

Use some initiative. Find out for yourself whether this is a good method.

Test your Gut Trading Method in a demo account, by placing 20 trades (50 would be better) using only your gut.

Report back to us on your results.

Hey Clint,

Thanks for your input, and everybody elses’ too by the way! I think I am going to demo an account based on guts and vision. I’ll put in 50 some trades and report with detailed stats.

I’m curious to see what will come out of it :smiley:

I don’t have high hopes for the success of it, but I’ll be very interested to see the results. :slight_smile:

Some time ago, the poster, Bazooko, posted his results on tossing a coin - heads for long, tails for short.

His results were interesting. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Here are the threads… :slight_smile:



Please do.

Unless you are a fortune teller, don�t trust your instate! Intuitive trading is the same as going to the casino (as someone said) and in at least you don�t have to go throw all the trouble of opening an account :smiley:
If you have spare money and don�t feel like studying the market a little bit, unless buy a robot to do trades for you, maybe you�ll earn sth

Agreed. Especially in a trending market. You need to manage your stops accordingly and be emotional prepared for large drawdowns. It sure can be profitable longterm, even years.

Why not try the NickB method. It’s simple in it’s lack of jargon, and requires your GUT to evaluate what to do when a line is broken or reversed upon?

Just a thought… It also could have just been a rhetorical question.

That method seems to be very famous, I googled it and got a lot of responses, I think I�ll pay a little bit more attention to it from now on

Wait, this is a valid method, pending years upon years of market experience.

Has anyone read the book “How We Decide” by Jonah Lehrer? Well it goes into how deciding using logic is extremely slow compared to decisions based on emotion. The several samples sited were of people in positions of great stress to make quick decisions such as a quarterback, firefighter, and a radar operations officer. Non of these people have the luxury of time to make decisions so their emotional core chooses the ‘best’ path based on past experiences conditioned by dopamine neurotransmitters. Well, its a quick but fantastic read which may very well validate Pipconvert’s method as plausible.

A long time ago, I heard this quote — [B]“Intuition is reasoning in a hurry.”[/B] — I don’t know who said it.

I’m not surprised that the bio-chemical basis for “intuition” is being discovered.

We [U]do have [/U]the luxury of time!! :stuck_out_tongue:

We [U]do not have to rush[/U] to make our decisions!! :smiley:

[U]If we have a trading plan set in place[/U] (you do have one, don’t you?!!), then there is [U]no rush[/U] to make quick decisions.

Instead we are already prepared in advance for every case senario and, therefore, know how to respond in every possible occurrence!!

What are people doing trading if they do not want to do any technical or fundamental analysis learning? :frowning:

Or any learning for that matter?

How would you like a doctor who goes by GUT feeling in an operation!!?

How would you like to be accused of murder when you are innocent, and then be sent to trial where the jury must only go on gut feeling?
God gave us a brain, I think we are meant to use it[/B]!!

In another case, it always amazes me how people leave their brain outside when going to church!! :eek:

Nice avatar there [B]Mattw2009[/B]. :slight_smile:

Only your face is a little too small to see you clearly in the picture.

You might want to try and do the photograph again, this time a little larger!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: