Where do i get the economic information from the horse mouth?


I understand there is economic calanders and other great tools our forex platform providers give us. But i want the data from the horse mouth so to speak. Not a free economic calander from a forex broker. But the place they get there information from then post on there economic calanders.

It must be available to the public for free goverments do try to be as open as possible ?

Thanks so any directions from here would be great

Bloomberg Terminal will give you data as and when it comes out from the primary source. But it’s expensive, and used by professional trading firms. The time difference between this option and finding the same information on free economic calendars is minimal, perhaps a second or two.

This is a pretty good place, leave it open, and it updates automatically. There is also a squawk wire, with live voice that when important numbers are up, or information… I dont trade with out this, very information-able, and free. It has helped me tremendously.

Forex News

Agreed ^ I’ve made good use of that site as well.

Otherwise, as Jezzode says, you’ll be looking at getting Bloomberg Terminal or Reuters Eikon which cost multiple $1,000s MONTHLY. They’re intended for firms that can afford those kinds of prices.

Thanks for the help i thought bloomberg terminal would be the place 1700 dollars a month though. There is no trading spread on the bloomberg terminal i am led to believe is this true?

What you probably heard was no additional spread. In most cases, even institutional level pricing will have a pipette or few of spread just from market dynamics, but that’s still much different in contrast to the 1-2 full pips spread you get from your broker due to the markup in spread they push to you.

Let me add my vote to above.

I’m also re-reading this and understanding that you’re only looking at the news provided BY the broker. I’d suggest making use of a basic third-party economic calendar like this one

+1 on the feed. They post the FX news & info that matters for trading.

That Forex News site is pretty handy indeed! If you’re willing to shell out a lot of cash, then I suggest you go for the Bloomberg Terminal or the Reuters equivalent. The data gets released on time through those sources or maybe even a couple of seconds earlier.

Once you know what to look for big boys show their cards around 1h to 1min before news release :wink:

Speaking of that, I was curious to find out what all of you think about trading the news/around news time. Looks like Kuzia tries to read into the pre-news moves to get some bias, what about the rest of you?

Hi Catabolist,

i saw on the first page a link to OrderflowTrading .com and i’m glad to see others are using them too. I find that their analysis through the week is useful, and i like the fact that their newsfeed incorporates stop levels from large players. They must have some sort of connection to the interbank market to get that info…

I don’t personally target news events (not my style) but I will trade before or after a news event if I get a setup and the market is interpreting the news in line with my plans. I definitely stay away from central bank announcements and NFP…been hit too many times and it’s not my ball game.


I’ve tried trading the news right before or during but chance of whip-saw is too great. Now I prefer to know what the market is expecting, or not expecting from a data release, analyze the data once its released, then trade towards sentiment once the spreads tighten back. Its usually stop levels getting ran after the data that propels my best order-flow trades in to profit though. :wink:

I have to agree with the two guys above me here: trying to trade the news during or IMMEDIATELY after is a deathwish. Higher spreads, whipsaws, unpredictability…it’s gambling, not trading.

What I’ve found to be a useful tool for me personally is looking ahead for the week and any currency whose country has major data releases tends to get good activity and solid volumes leading UP TO that release. So trading that increased activity is a nice opportunity, though sometimes the moves are rather odd as you have many different players re-positioning themselves for many different reasons.

Hey Catabolist,

i agree with that approach: looking for currencies that are attracting attention, possibly displaying a clear directional bias, are given the front row. The weekly preparation should start and finish with the news calendar…because it’s important to know when to trade and when NOT to trade!

Regarding the type of moves that can occur after certain news events, i’ve found it really useful to pinpoint stop levels from large hourly charts to see where to either fade the move in line with the general bias (if conditions dictate) or look for a continuation around a similar level.

As soon as i’ll find out how to post charts on here i’ll give some examples…

Couldn’t agree more, jcp! Right now is a BEAUTIFUL environment to demonstrate that. Not only do we have major risk events coming up this week (central bank meetings and NFP), but there’s the geopolitical turmoil from the Russia/Ukraine crisis. This is a time to be VERY careful and if anyone was in the market over the past hour, they definitely know why.

One headline hitting the wires is all it takes to toss their position all over the place. Happy to be out during times like this and wait for better opportunities.

Today the situation is back to normal (for now anyhow) and i used some of the flow info i read (i use orderflowtrading.com’s free newsfeed - good enough for what i do) along with my own chart reading to get some UsdJpy:

The way we were pressing higher and higher on AUDUSD all day, ahead of retail sales was very telling. Knowing we had that barrier at that .9000 and stops above left the incentive there to drive prices higher anyway. A huge retail sales beat helped boost it all, of course, but chances are a dip from a weak number would’ve gotten bought into anyway. Sometimes it all just comes together really well :slight_smile:

I really don’t see it at all. The AUDUSD was going up since the start of trading on Sunday evening. I don’t ever doubt that insider trading goes on habitually. I just can’t think you can spot it by looking at the price chart. On the face of it, it might appear so in this particular case, but when you compare it to countless other releases (Australian data, and even the same report) you can see it often does the complete opposite of this example.