Where will you be spending your Christmas 2023?

Helloooo! :blush: Just got home from Christmas shopping. :blush: There were so many people at the malls and I can definitely feel the Christmas spirit. :smiley: I’ll be out for the whole Christmas week because I’ll be spending it by the beach in Bataan with my family. Super excited for this! :smiley:

How about you guys? Where will you be spending your Christmas? :blush:


Because of this, I might not be around during the actual Christmas day :sweat_smile: so I just wanna greet everyone a(n advanced) Merry Merry Merry Christmaaaas! :blush:


The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night.”

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Does that mean you’re gonna be working during Christmas?! :pleading_face:

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haha yup.

This place looks amazing! This is the kind of place that makes you forget about everything in the world. I wish I could, but I’ll be studying charts as usual. Have fun! I hope you come back refreshed!

No rest for the weary.

P.S. Have you been there before?

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Actually, I’ve never been! :open_mouth: I’ve only seen the photos on their facebook page. :open_mouth: BUT I’ll tell you guys all about it as soon as I return. :blush:

Love the dedication, dushimes! :blush: And I’m sure this will continue to pay off in the coming year! :blush: I still hope you get to feel festive and enjoy the holidays though! :open_mouth: Maybe at least Christmas dinner?

Sure. I’ll be enjoying the water in my own way!


HAHAHAHA I mean it though! I’ll ask again how you guys spent your Christmas once I’m back. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m not sure how anyone will top your vacation. I look forward to hearing about your trip! Have a great time! Recharge those batteries!

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Rest is for the dead!!! Lol.

I’ll just be at home. :))


That’s nice! Will it be chilly to be at the beach during this time? My Christmas would be just at home with family.

Merry Christmas Ria! Enjoy your holidays!


At home with my sons. I am off to Albania on 2Jan24 for 2 weeks to see some family who recently moved there from the Middle East. I took a 4 day trip there end of October and liked it so much I am going back for some R&R


I’ll be home alone on Christmas. :scream: Have a fun Christmas in Bataan! :christmas_tree:

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So, you have an opportunity to study as much as possible, then, right?

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Wish you the same!!!

With Family, we have a rare 4 day holiday in Sri Lanka this time (Saturday / Sunday / Christmas and Poya day (a Buddhist holiday). So my sisters and their families are home. It’s a lot of fun, and food with the whole family at one place. Specially with my nephews.


That’s all I do. :nerd_face:


An update - an a lesson learned in life. Never stop talking to those close to you, even if they are 12,000 miles away.

My sons did indeed spend all day today at home. One had such a bender on Friday night it took him 36 hours to recover. The other one was happy to step out of societal contact for a day or two and chill and reflect in the company of his dog Apollo.

My own “no-plans for socialising” changed at 09:30 Christmas Eve after getting up, having a shower, cleaning the kitchen and tidying the living room. I called an old friend to wish her happy birthday, expecting her to spend Christmas Eve with her daughter, grand daughter and son. She had done that on Friday night so on the spur of the moment we decided to have a late lunch together at a place we had frequented in the past. Remarkably, the restaurant was half empty so we enjoyed a peaceful no-fuss lunch together followed by a 3 mile walk around a boating lake. It was incredibly windy, but we were well wrapped up in layers of clothing and it did not rain.

Today I was invited to the home of my wife’s best friend. She had called me on my wife’s birthday to apologize for not talking for a month and saw my Facebook post lamenting the passing of my wife on the first birthday we have not been together for the past 33 years. I had a wonderful time at dinner and was made to feel part of their family. I ate the best Christmas dinner I could ever remember having, and thanked her and her guests for their kindness.

When you are blessed with knowing good people in your life, you will never be lonely, or bored. You just have to remember to reach out to your friends, and keep in touch. It could hardly be easier these days with modern communications.

Happy new year to everyone, long may the Babypips community continue, and if for any reason you feel lonely, reach out for a virtual chat.


Home for the holidays! That’s all I wanted, but could’t :confused:

Oh well, made the most of it though…had a “me” time and binged a lot of christmas movies! And I am satisfied :relieved:

How’s it going?

I’m studying charts, as usual. It’s going fine. No big deal…

Did you watch Die Hard?

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