Where's the bottom?

What does everyone think?

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None of the retail crypto traders know. Most of them are just doing non-sense speculations right now based on random support and resistance lines.

THANKS for answering. I don’t know either which is why I was asking

Hmmm. :thinking: I think $10k would be too heartbreaking for me. :sweat_smile: Haha. But I’m thinking bottom might be at around $15.5- $15k. :thinking: As expected, a lot of the other failed cryptos really affected this decline in BTC. :confused: Curious to know what you think jesso! :thinking:

I wish I could reply unemotionally but I can only see the scene from an old black and white film where the rickety plane dives faster and faster down through the clouds.

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Im thinking 12k. There is an imbalance there to be filled. Its a massive drop but long term the signs are really good

this is a really difficult question to answer, just one thing you will never find the exact bottom, but you have to make sure your best analysis. according to me 12k can be the last bottom.

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this time is really different than any others . no one can say exactly.

The bottom can’t be in if Celsius withdrawals are still blocked.

Below most recent low. All the way down to $10K, about 85% down from Nov highs are possible in my opinion.

I don’t know the exact answer to this question. No one can predict the bottom right now.

When we look closely at the RSI over a 14-week window, we find it to be 26, and this is the lowest RSI we have observed since at least 2018. That indicates that Bitcoin is oversold at the present. We also find that Bitcoin has also fallen past its 200-week SMA, which is at $22,350.
These indicators are quite useful. Both suggest that Bitcoin is an attractive buy right now. But no one can tell where the Bitcoin bottom is with absolute surety.

I have seen many opinions about 10k, and this is the roundest figure you can imagine :sweat_smile:

Technically, the bottom would be zero :wink:

Maybe it would be better to say…will it bounce big time off the bottom?

If you look at other markets, they are going down too. Looks like it’s time for bearish ideology to shine. We can only make assumptions and prepare ourselves for the surprises.

thanks for your thoughts.

I can’t lose hope. If we look at bitcoin’s history, it does show downward movements after some time and then, bounces back to higher prices.

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Oh it will bounce back.