Which are the best brokers accepting U.S clients?

Hello, I’m looking for open my first Live account & don’t know which broker to choose. I don’t know which brokers accept US clients. Please Suggest Me a good Broker.

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You may also check this list of brokers and see if something suits your needs.

Coinexx, Fxchoice, Eaglefx and Trader’s Way are some brokers that accept U.S clients. You can check them out.

Best off checking some reviews on here to see what you want from a broker too. Obviously have the regulated route but there is an old thread on here that details some viable offshore unregulated options that members have approved and called “trusted”. Going offshore to escape the CFTC - #12464 by MrInvisible

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For what it’s worth brokers that I use are IG Markets and Hugosway as far as I know they can be used by US clients but please check with their support team before attempting to join

Well, there are a lot of brokers there who are accepting US traders but most of them are either average brokers or not good service. One broker that I would like to mention is CapitalStreetFX is a perfect broker who is accepting clients from the USA. They are one of the brokers I’m using for the last 3 years without any conflict. They offer multiple deposit options such as card, crypto, wallet, wire, etc. Apart from this, they also offer a good bonus such as a 200% bonus on deposit with 1:1000 leverage. They are a well-regulated broker with clean image on reviews and other forums.


Yes, completely agree, I’m using this broker for last 1 year and they are 100% genuine. I never felt like cheated here.

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