Which broker would you recomend?

i am a newbie and i am hunting for a reliable broket so got a list from earn forex and would some rating and recommendation. share your experience if you have use any of them.

  1. Pax Forex

  2. 10Markets.

  3. Tickmill

  4. Alfa Forex

  5. gainsy

  6. Fort Financial Service

  7. HY markets

  8. Fresh Forex

9 3TG.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Most brokers in your list are new to me (except Gainsy).

Almost all of them was new broker and not old enough. I would recommended fxpro, Liteforex, and Mayzus broker for place getting pleasure and making huge money.

Try Hotforex. Been trading there for 3 years no serious issues so far. Various account types to go as well as plenty of trading instruments to choose from. For scalping I can advice to use zero spread account with raw spreads (sometimes get 0.0 on EUR/USD). Good luck

5(gainsy) and 7(hy)

You can check out Profiforex. I have been trading with them for some time now and their services is very good. Good customer service, different account types, spreads are good and they are transparent. I haven’t encountered no serious issues with them so far

HY markets is since 1999. I dont know them but i think they are the oldest in that list

go through some good review sites like forex peace army and check out ratings of chosen brokers, then make a simple test with min deposit to compare, its hard choosing now a days with all them brokers in the industry… I can’t share much since i only trade one broker hotforex but so far so good still best of luck :slight_smile:

Really! That’s quite an impressing. Have you traded with HY markets ever?

I just signup with hy markets, i like their customer support and fast registration unlike fresh forex. You can also use paypal for Deposit. Seems pretty awesome to me

HELLO Aisolae,

I am a newbie to the world of forex and like you I am still looking for a reliable forex broker. From the reviews I have read till now on the internet, I have made demo accounts with FXCM and FinproTrading.
FXCM is considered as the god father of forex brokers.
On the other hand, try Finpro Trading as well, it has provided me with amazing customer support and they are providing various trading terminals. Other than this I receive daily newsletters from them, which makes me aware of the things happening and gives me the market view.

The list of forex brokers that you have mentioned are all new to me. You have helped me in knowing about these many brokers, but you should check the above two I mentioned.

Thank You :slight_smile:

i have experience with some of them or my close friend have tried em

paxforex, i have mixed review about this, in forums people say its scam, but friend of mine can WD his profit after closing the lot requirement

Tickmill : ex armada markets. they still good retail forex trading company,and still growing . If regulation has no matter with you, you can try them

5.Gainsy : well even ive tried them, but its scary to put money here, seriously
8. FreshForex : use them once, good broker

Profiforex is a very good broker. Fast execution, transparent, tight spreads, reliable, good customer service and many others. I have been with them for a long time and so far I don’t have any serious issues. You should check it out!!!

Does USFOREX count? Are their websites that simulate or project currency?

I’m a newbie too. Have traded a bit with etoro (the last couple months and about 6 years ago) as I learn more and more about this thing called forex I’m trying to find a different platform due to the high spreads at etoro (3 to 4 pips)… I’ve tried mt4 mt5 and fxcm and all seemed unnecessarily complicated compared to etoro… Has anyone used etoro before and understand where I’m coming from? Is it worth the higher spread for the ease and simplicity? Or do I need to man up and become comfortable with all this other nonsense… Thanks in advance… (I use the etoro app on my phone)

It all depends from which country are you coming from which affects greatly your possibilities. Also you have to consider many factors like regulations, leverage, min. deposit etc.

Write down first what you need and that can be a starting point.

Hi Karbursak,

Welcome to BabyPips! :slight_smile:

Was there something specific that you found complicated on your FXCM platform? Note that we let you choose between multiple platforms, so it’s possible one of them may suit you, particularly since you mentioned wanting to trade on lower spreads than are available through your current forex broker.

I’m FXCM’s representative here on the forums, so if you have any questions about the different platforms we offer, please feel free to reach out to me in the Broker Aid Station.

I always thought that Profiforex is a new broker. How long have you been using it?

Among brokers in your list, I have experience with two of them, tickmill and gainsy. With Tickmill all was good for some time, but when I started making good deposits and profit almost half of my depo they started disconnecting terminal and making slippages, even without great volaitility or considerable forex events. With Gainsy I did not see any such tricks and they just let me earn. Another point is that Tickmill’s execution speed also seriously depends upon volume you trade, unlike Gainsy. So generally gainsy shown itself to me as more reliable broker. Sorry, I havent traded with any of others companies in your list.

Thats exactly what I was thinking also. Brokers like XM, Hotforex or even Exness are much older, and have at least some proven track record (like surviving the CHF crash lol). Check the different threads about them on this forum and make up your own mind!