Which brokers not affected by ESMA regulations accept EU clients?


Which brokers can accept EU clients and still offer high leverage?


Possibly -

those that are not partly or fully regulated by an EU countries regulator like the FCA or CYSEC.

So an Aus broker only regulated by ASIC for example.

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I use ICMarkets they are really big and regulated by ASIC, so they are not affected :wink:


I trade with IC Markets as well.

As a non - professional European trader I am also looking for a broker who is not affected by the ESMA regulations. Are only Australian brokers not affected or there are american brokers too?
MichaelBruggeling and Loid_Bankfine are you in Australia and if not do you have any problems with the execution of your positions. I am a bit worried that there might be a connection problem as Europe is a veeeery far away from Australia.

Most EU regulated brokers that will be affected by ESMA are now adding “professional” trader accounts with which you can still trade with high leverage.
There will be a certain list of conditions that you’ll have to cover in order to be approved for such an account.
Check with your broker and ask what the trading conditions for professional accounts are and how are they different from the standard retail accounts. Also, ALWAYS read the Terms and Conditions as from what I’ve heard - once you become a professional trader the broker will no longer have to provide best trading conditions and you will no longer be protected by negative balance protection and other stuff.
Have to dig a bit about this but I assume it will differ from broker to broker.

Thank you for your answer, but I wouldn’t be looking for an out-of-Europe forex broker if I hadn’t checked out my own broker’s new requirements as well as some other European brokers’ conditions. And they are unsatisfactory.
That is why I am searching for a non-European broker in order to preserve my protection as a non - professional trader, but to also have the opportunity to trade with 100:1 leverage (I am not a fan of the ultra high leverage) and with mini account and mini lots.

Not sure any ASIC regulations can protect you when trading with an Assie broker (for example).
Yes, you may cause issues for the broker if you file a complaint, but I highly doubt you’d have any other kind of protection since you’re not from that region. I`m not familiar and stand to be corrected.
Good luck

My SB firm (LCG) say I need to demonstrate a £500k portfolio of financial instruments in order to be classed as a pro under their post-ESMA T&C, so that’s a non-starter for me.

Their blurb did NOT say professional traders are outside the deposit protection scheme.

Even brokers affected by ESMA restrictions can still award you high leverage.

You have to meet at least 2 from the 3 following requirements to be granted with unlimited (1:500) leverage:

  1. You have to have experience of working in financial organization (2-3 years)
  2. Show that you trade good amount of volume monthly
  3. Or have 500K dollars on your account.

Not quite easy but manageable. But I haven’t heard yet anybody from baby pips or ff met these requirements.

“Mandatory changes to product features which protect retail clients will not be mandatory for you. (e.g. negative balance protection and margin close out levels).”

Suggests a broker may, but is not obliged to, offer neg bal protection to professional accounts.


I believe Axitrader Australia can do that.I have an account with Axitrader UK and i will be moving it to Axitrader Australia.i spoke to axitrader uk and they said my acc can be moved to axitrader australia regulated by ASIC

If you live in uk eu you cant choose you automaticly use the uk regulated one
Maybe if you moved to australia your pkan may work

With a bit of research - Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland are countries that are in Europe but not in the European Union (ergo - the ESMA regulations do not apply) and opening an account with a broker located there may be the solution to your problems.
I believe DukasCopy was located and regulated in Switzerland.

As far as ASIC go they are probably as good as the FCA in the UK. They aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to regulation and are usually informed of wrongdoing by whistleblowers… like our current 4 Pillar Banking Royal Commission. ASIC spends most of its time trying to stay out of the limelight…

FX is still very small downunder, so it’s not as big a problem as the UK just on per capita alone. Not many people I know even know what FX is… they assume it’s when you exchange AUD to GBP when going to Britain… :_)

This all is to Help New Traders who seeks Good Brokers with High Leverage and better Regulation.
So I have posted my Own used Brokers only.

These Brokers are ASIC (Australia), So NO ESMA Rules required.


I think ASIC broker will treat you based on ur country of origin and if you an EU guy they will refrain from onboarding you and if they do, the ESMA conditions will apply. I read it on another forum where an EU trader had posted a letter from an ASIC broker. will share the link here

these links list the brokers that aren’t affected by esma


hope it helps

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The ESMA regulations are independent of ASIC. It matters weather the broker has two separate legal entities registered one under
esma and the other one unde asic, or whether has just one which in under both regulations.


i see yes that guy was with pepperstone uk and wanted to move to pepperstone AUS so they refused to onboard his via the australian entity. And after brexit will ESMA apply to UK brokers - FCA regulated?

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