Which is best MACD settings for 1 min chart?

I am working with MACD+stoch +Bollinger band settings.

MACD (default)
Bollinger band (20,2)
Stoch (14,3,3)
EMA 10
and a MACD cross over alert indicator.

Now,the problem is, sometimes it works great,but sometimes not specially in Asian session on EUR/USD.
I get lot of whipsaw,To avoid it???

Please help.your suggestion is valuable for me.

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MACDs or stochs are almost useless on a one minute chart.

If you need to use indicators, try a longer time frame, and adjust your lot size accordingly.

try this MACD 8,34,8 and stoc. 8,3,5

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As many know that MACD does not work for a smaller time-frame of 1M, instead you can try the ADX set at a period of 14 and watch out for a strength of around 30 or more which gives you a clear trend reversal signal. Had worked quite good for me.:slight_smile:

As mentioned by other members forget about indicators on 1 min charts.

I don’t know about that. I’m using tymen’s macd (50, 3, 0) with a standard stochastic (5,3,3). Not one hundred percent accurate, but when dealing with 15 and 30 minute charts (in the direction of an H1 and H4 (this is one of my personal rules) the stoch and macd 1 minute are fabulous for scalping and interday-you just look at the whether its high or low on entry and align all the time frames respectively, not rushing entry (another of my personal rules). Seems to work for me, although I agree that longer term trading is far superior.

Thanks for the MACD settings.But the matter is when i try to add (50,3,0) its not taking 0.So i put 1,
For clarification is Fast MACD 3,Slow MACD 50 And MACD SMA 1??

Which time frame you prefer to trade.
Thank you.

5m but check the 60m and 15m before you enter

Yes Longer time framne are perfect. Time is needed and short time ways never work.

I stopped using MACD. Not sure this indicator even works anymore due to oversaturation. Always faked out by false divergences.

None at all

Try using a 5, 13, 1 setting and watch for nice divergance set ups at the end of a run and combined with some pivots or support and resist and she works really well, on any time frame to. What I mean by nice divergance is nice highs and lows on the macd not just crappie little highs or lows.

I suggest you try MACD (20, 50, 26).
It’ll filter the weak signals, but at the cost of a later entry.
Exits can be done in 2 steps:

  1. 1/2 with regular faster MACD (12, 26, 9)
  2. 1/2 with the slower MACD (20, 50, 26).

MACD is very reliable indicator you can work with low time frame but not so low like 1 minute that you mention. :44: Have a nice trading…

my search for 1 minute macd comes to an end, thanks to you !!

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HI dear do you used 20,50,26 for all TF or or only for 1M ?

Only for 1 M

thanks , what else do you use to trade 1 M?

Supertrend ( 10,2)
EMA ( 225 )

Hope that helps

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This not S.E.O over saturation this is forex they make tools for the market tools do update the MACD is a good tool i suggest learning candle sticks you just cant go wrong with the basics indactors are tool to help you trade