Which is the best EA bot you ever used?

Hi fellas. I want to know which is the best EA bot that you ever used?
Thank you in advance.

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currently for me its Hamilton from SSL (silver star live)

How long did you use it and give more data about your personal results.

i have used it for two months now and i sit with ÂŁ300+ profits on conservative settings as i like to keep it as safe as possible

SSL just stands for Silver Star Live. Its just a company that licence out EA’s. Their products are called Hamilton and Benjamin

Nice. I`ll have it in mind. Anybody else?

I’d like to know more about this and the company behind it and its promotion.


Do you - Momo3HC and Leebax - know each other?
Is this thread a promotion for this company, or are you guys really legit?

Note: I do not recommend clicking on ANY link in the above three URL’s.
Some of these are just click-bait.

I post them as a warning to be careful when reading something that promises an easier way to making money.

Always ask yourself - when you see something - even on Babypips - that looks too good to be true, do a little research before jumping in.

There is NO free lunch. I have even attended weekend workshops which teach how to build algorithms, and even then the company teaching “how” to do this is not successful.

What they are doing is selling the sizzle.
There is NO sausage.

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lol i dont know. and no i am not promoting the company in any fasion whatsoever, in fact the company has since closed

So what you are saying is that between March 6th 2019 when you were happily telling Momo3HC that you made money, that the company went out of business?

Seems odd that a successful company would go out of business, but that’s just my own thinking.

Maybe it had something to do with those several links to scam and fraud associated with Silver Star Live?

Naturally they communicated with you to say they were closing, and returned your capital and profits?

Did you do any research (like I did in 90 seconds) to find out they were already known as a fraudulent company?


Website is still up and they still offer membership for USD$1159.00.

Sounds a little conflicting with your statements, doesn’t it?
Not as very professional bunch are they? Spelling errors … Generic webpage …


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It seems your digging for an argument for some reason? I’m not sure why, seems quite strange of you. 1- I never posted any links, someone asked a question and I simply answered it with my opinion. 2- they don’t control my funds so why would they need to reimburse me?

The company was simply an MLM promoted company. The guy who licenced the EA didn’t like the MLM side of the business so they went separate ways. The MLM have now found a new EA to promote and the existing guy with the EA’s wil lease them out again. Simple

You seem to know an awful lot about the company.
And you didn’t answer the question.

As for me - I have watched all of the scammers have a go - and then go

I used to be on the ForexPeaceArmy panel.
BabyPips is a very fertile hunting ground for those who want to mislead new traders and the conversation above has all of the scammer hallmarks.
This over-safe response is another hint that collusion is likely between only two people in a conversation:

And suddenly the company is kaput!
The stated profits are good … but not too good as to arouse suspicion of a charlatan at work.
Good salesman’s approach - set the target at ease, then up-sell.

Dude I really don’t know what you’re trying to imply. We got told by the marketing groups obviously as that’s how we all got introduced to the EA. Why would I want to mislead anyone? Someone asked a question and I answered it with my own experience. That’s then up to them to do their own due diligence.

If you read my comment properly you will see it’s still available from the supposed creator of the EA .

I don’t even know why I’m having to explain myself to someone with what seems has too much time on their hands. Wow you were on Forex panel, someone get this guy a medal.
I really don’t care if no one uses it or not, someone asked for an opinion and I gave it that’s it. You then chime in and start calling people scammers for giving an opinion? Do me a favour and jog on please

I can’t be offended - newbies use this site and deserve to know the sales tactics en train here.
Pointing out fraud is not something I will ever be embarrassed about - go for your life on that.

I can only say you’d have to be a dill to fall for a company like this yourself - an unprofessional mob to say the least.

A “dill” because you didn’t do your own due diligence and uncover - with a simple 90-seconds search - that the company has been cited for fraud on more than a few occasions.

Perhaps in the future you should consider doing a simple search before investing in quack companies like Silver Star Forex?

It’s not astrophysics.


Lol you’re presuming you know everything about me without even knowing me.

I checked your supposed links. Oh what a surprise the negatives are the ones selling EAs themselves. Look I know all about the supposed creator David being convicted of fraud. But I don’t care. The product works, and if you speak to many others that have used it they will say the same too. My initial deposit had been taken out and I made money on the money I earnt from it

Why do you think I’m trying to sell it? Lol I honestly couldn’t care less who uses it and who doesn’t.

Also that site you found is the wrong site. So your homework wasn’t up to par. Perhaps you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet unless you’ve tried it for yourself, goodnight

Hey hey fellas just stop it. Firstly I dont know Leebax neither Ingot54, neither others who comment in this thread. Second im really interested in some good EA and that’s why I’ve asked this question not only here but also in some other forums. I know that I can attract some so called scam but believe me ill not invest my money into something before I research it very good. I've just asking for starting point. So lets end this and go forward. Any other suggestions?


Good, Make sure no matter what you do your proper Due Diligence. If you haven’t I would suggest go through the baby pips school. I think it’s well put together, and considering it’s free is just and additional bonus. I consider a scammer anyone trying to sell something. If they truly have faith in there system/EA and make money via their own system/EA then why do they need to sell it for X $$$. That’s just my two cents.

I wish you the best of luck at finding what your looking for momo3HC.

Thanks. I can say that im quite experienced so yes, ill research it very good before step into anything. In second its look like we have some differences in thinking like why not to make more money from your product if its good enough but that`s not the point of this thread. Thank you anyway.

Memebeership company :laughing:

Seriosly you try blessing ea or fury, blessing is free, give me reason with your results