Which is the best trading system in here?

Hi all,

Could someone please point me to the best trading system in here?? At least a starting point?

I’m so confised :frowning:



No need to be confused. Start with the Babypips school SUCCESSFULLY (test included) and you know what everybody starts out with.

girls can trade :smiley: at least that is what i hear coz men have to much ego and don’t like to be wrong but this is a disater in trading.

definatly start with the babypips school but forget the system they teach you :smiley: come join me in benjis thread


in my opinion it is by far the best trading methodology here period.

that isn’t to say the otheres aren’t good Im just saying we’re better :smiley:

all joking aside welcome to babypips.com you are going to find that just about al of us are friendly so don’t be shy ask questions and get involved.

thanks, john

My system is the best.

That’s about the best free lunch you will receive around here.


Dun forget the technical template thread 301 Moved Permanently
Tess and Co will be coming after you for neglecting them :smiley:

By the way, there is no best trading system, the best trading system is due to the trader/owner who perfect it. I believe the best trading system is ourselves.

That is true of course!! :smiley: :wink: :slight_smile:

Welcome to baby pips!

I’m new here too, and a new trader (only 22, but I have time lol)

As for a trading system I think you should check out as many systems as your interested but focus on one at a time and decide if it’s 1.) Works with your money management and risk appetite, 2.) Something that you would enjoy doing, and 3.) Fits your trading personality.

With that said you can tinker each system for you to tailor it to yourself.

As for systems I like, I like Tymen’s system and I’ve been trading it live for some time with a steady win rate, I’m doing basket trading with a steady winning rate and now I’m going to work on the overnight London breakout strategy but I still have some demoing and tweaking to do.

Good trading to you!

Good on you ReaperKK. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

That was an excellent post and very helpful to the enquirer!! :slight_smile:

To [B]GirlsCantTrade [/B]:

Your name is not a good one. :eek:

It could be a self fullfilling prophecy. :frowning:

You get what you say.

I suggest a much better name would be [B]GirlsCanTrade[/B] :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

yeah I know it sounds sexist but the truth is always bitter,

can’t change it sorry :frowning:

thx for the reply all i was just wondering i came across a big thread called never lose again the trading concept there seems very simple all it requires is a horizontal line.

Anyone trading this? Anyone know if it works and it really is that simple?

thx :slight_smile:

Funny you mention that thread, in all my time here at babypips (not long) but I’ve never read through that thread, I don’t know why, I should but the name of the thread just puts me off “Never lose again” lol. Plus the creator is banned although I haven’t read as to why.

oh ok thx, so it probably does’nt work caught my attention because it was huge

thnx anyway :o

thx for the reply all i was just wondering i came across a big thread called never lose again the trading concept there seems very simple all it requires is a horizontal line.

that thread is garbage and you will only be confused and there is a million erroneuos opinions on there. I was a participant for a while there and honestly my observation is it would be better for you to go eeny meeny mineey moe and pick that way.

btw girls can trade in fact they have better potential than men trust me men have the ego thing to overcome and there is a golden rule here

[B]You can either be right or make money[/B]

you see trading is not about being right but men like to be right. Proof is men don’t ussually ask for directions when they are lost right? We can’t stand to be wrong but in the markets you have to be willing to not only be wrong but also move on right away and “don’t skip a beat”

Again I implore you stay away from indicators unless you are truly learning how to use 1 or 2 of them in conjunction with simple price patterns.

tymen is the man and his system works well for those who follow it

james16 and alternative technical templates seek to get you to trade price movements with basically no indicators at all we look at supply and demand and what levels the markets react at.

the best system out there will be simple and suit your personality and please please please do not trade real money until you have proven a system will work consistantly for you.

well I hope that helps you. apologys for the long post, john

ok great thnx for he reply John

another reason the thread caught my attention was because two traders dragon and another trader called xmess said they made extra-ordinary returns using the never lose again method. Something like $88 to $8k in a few weeks Thats why I thought it really works.

I don’t know why people lie.

But your right the OP has been banned and there must have been a reason for that.

ok thnx once again :slight_smile:

they are two exceptional tradersneither one of them stayed with there original plan and at least one of them blew up there account. how they are doing now i dont know but that thread had 1,000,000 views and only two really successful students hmmmmm???

both use there own method and i don’t know anything about there long term success? i will say both are good people though and that is the truth.

Here’s the best system ever! :slight_smile:


Ha Ha Ha ha!! :smiley: :smiley:

Yep, thats correct!! :smiley:

Thats why I had an altercation with the author in the first place, resulting in him being banned.

you see trading is not about being right but men like to be right.


I would humbly beg to differ here. :smiley:

Have a read of Dale Paterson’s (FX Honorary Member) latest thread …
“Please help me understand this” just posted today.

[B]If there is anyone who admits mistakes in trading and shows true humility, it is Dale.[/B]

Have never looked at it!! :o :o


I think I will have a quick read. :smiley: :slight_smile:

Too complex for me - I will give it a miss. :frowning:

Very nice charts, and no indicators - naked trading.
But the triangluar patterns have no scientific logic to them and they are complex to derive. :frowning:

That thread will be great for those who love Fibonacci trading.