Which one? Corner trader, Blueberry and Pepperstone?

I cannot decide between “Corner trader” (swiss bank / FINMA), blueberry and pepperstone (ASIC). Has anyone traded especially with Corner trader and blueberry?

Can’t go wrong with either blueberry or pepperstone, both excellent brokers.

But go with the professional account with blueberry or the razor account with pepperstone rather than 0 commission accounts. It works out cheaper to pay the $7 per lot commission than the extra 1 pip in spread.

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Thank you…
I’ve read complaints like “price cheats” “don’t send my money” for pepperstone in FPA, on the contrary there are better reviews for blueberry but you say good for both Ok… I am concerned that they are the “real ECN” for both companies.
So does anyone know about Corner trader? FINMA regulator more attractive?

Both are true ECN brokers so there’s no room for any price manipulation by the broker. You are getting aggregated prices from the likes of citi, hsbc, bnp etc so the spreads are determined by those guys.

I’m from Australia and haven’t had any issues with withdrawals from pepperstone. They don’t charge fees for bank withdrawals within Australia or via paypal. I can’t speak for how it works in other countries though.

I’m also from Australia and have been using Pepperstone for over 8 years. Never had any issues with deposits and withdrawals. I have heard Blueberry is equally as good but unsure of Corner Trader.

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How are the “slippage” situations of both firms?
Cuz It is not understood with the demo account. :slight_smile:

Pepperstone, especially if you’re in Australia. Except the spreads that are a bit wider, everything else including order placement is superb with them.