Which strategy helped you to become profitable?

For me it has been a combination. I do like supply and demand the most. It just depends on what the market structure is.

News trading. It’s competitive field but it’s really worth to try it’s more about technical implementation rather predicting markets that’s why easier to achieve success.

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Wow! This is quite impressive and, I dare say, this is what we are all looking to accomplish. Do you mind sharing your methodology? Clearly, you trade gold and not stocks, crypto, forex, etc. But, I’d be very interested to learn the details of your process.

S/L shows 0… meaning you don’t use a Stop Loss??

Youtube ‘‘ICT’’ and you will get a clear explanation :wink:

Have you got some explanation of your strategy? What do you use for your signals? Clearly you have good results, but that’s a lot of time spent sat in front of a computer for a $20 profit.

All of your trades appear to be against the movement of gold, so what are you using to determine your entry?

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Yes that is one way of looking at it which I have no problem with. But let me raise three points.
Firstly I actually set my trade and leave them. The green columns indicate that the profit targets were achieved without any more intervention from me.
Secondly would you prefer to spend a lot of time before the screen with results similar to mine as against having losses among your trades?
Thirdly I started with US$150 and in 3 weeks even with missing about four days I passed US$250. The reason for the “small” US$20 profit is because my balance is so small. I could extrapolate and say if I had US$15000 to start with the balance would be US$25000.

My strategy is one I sat down for a few weeks and built myself. I havent stopped to name it as yet. To share it with others would cause problems because I’ve thrown out at least 5 pieces of what people over the years have touted as “conventional wisdom”.
How could I tell someone not to use stop losses as I do? Also people have always spoken what I see as garbage this thing about winning 3 trades and losing 7 but still coming out ahead, lol. My goal from the start is to not lose ANY. When I enter a race it doesnt matter who else is in it my aim is to win not finish second or third. Now how could I teach something like that to a newbie or an experienced trader? When people tell you about trading psychology you are actually being conditioned to finish down the track before you even begin the race. If it werent for the results I’ve posted people would say I am an idiot! But then of course they havent seen my demo account where I have more winning trades than my live account.
I will say it again…the results you get from this business of trading is largely dependent on your perspective and your objective.


But they’re open for minutes and then you open another minutes later. That’s still needing to be sat at the screen.

I’m asking for information on your strategy out of interest. If we’re not on here to learn or share, then what is the point of posting?

If you havent learned ANYTHING from all i’ve said so far I have indeed wasted my time. Make an effort and go back and read all i’ve posted. I have realized that people really want to be spoon fed.

We’ve learnt that you like to brag and throw in buzz words. But what are your entry criteria and exit criteria of a trade? Do you sit there and see movement and jump in on it? Do you use indicators?

With your results, you either have a very good entry criteria, or sit through large drawdowns until it turns positive and then take it. We don’t have a clue, other than you think it is dependent on perspective and objective, which is meaningless.

Or maybe you have posted information all over the place on here, but nobody is going to stalk you around the site to try and find it. A journal thread with all the information in one place might be a good idea.

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Yes I was waiting on this…another one who gets upset with me because I dont share every detail of how I get my results. How could I dream of teaching people who are trying to disrespect me for merely showing my fellow new traders what is possible with a small account?And of course guess who liked your post? lol. Curiously enough I dont see any of who you would consider star traders giving you guys any meaningful advice. Tell you what I will do. I will go back and delete all my posts so as not to upset the jealous sour grapes readers, lol.
And how could my small account sustain very large drawdowns? If it were that easy wouldnt we all be doing it and coming out ahead? Think man.

Your ego is just too big to realize what you are doing. Go ahead and delete all of your posts. Thank you. Worthless information that is just taking up space here.

Ok, I got it. You’re another of the many “look at me, I’m a great forex trader” with a tiny account that will blow it before spring is here. I’ve seen people betting against the direction things are moving and having results like that with no drawdowns and they all disappear within a few weeks having lost another account then make a new name and come back as somebody else.

There are people on here that post useful information, most are here to learn. The ones on here to boast are always ones that have achieved nothing.

He was minding his own business and you came along and:

  1. Insulted him for using USD20
  2. Expect freebies on a strategy he spent his time working on.

Stop whining and build your own if you feel that righteous


The go learn instead of begging for freebies.

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He was arguing and following people across the forum to carry on the arguments whilst not answering the questions that people asked. I asked him what his strategy is and suggested it’s a lot of work for small returns.

He was not minding his own business. He deleted most of his posts I see now. I asked him a simple question of what his strategy is called. He kept on saying it is consistency. After he came to my journal and attacked me there. @chesterjohn was neither whining nor begging. He was just correcting a bad behaviour.

The problem with this site. People who know nothing backing arrogant people that know nothing and fanning their ego like they’re a god.

Pretty sure I know more than both of you and have made more money than both of you. But hey, ho. It’s not a lot in reality and I don’t ever expect to get rich out of such a high risk environment.

Bad behavior can be corrected by the mods. He was going out of his way to belittle him for getting USD20 and hounding him for his strategy, all the while being self-righteous of sharing and whatnot. He’s not obligated to share his strategy if he chooses not to.


I am still trying to figure which of my posts I deleted as you claim, lol.
Anyway lets just leave it there before anybody gets banned over apparent foolishness. Let us just say All i’ve said so far is garbage and you all are right. There, fixed.

Thanks for the objective viewpoint darthdimsky.
And for anyone interested in improving their trading please scroll back up and read my very first post in this thread.