Which strategy helped you to become profitable?

Welcome traders. Going around Babypips you will find a variety of opinions on which strategy or mentor is the best for you to become profitable. I made this poll for the profitable traders out there. Please fill in honestly as this will help the community to get closer to their goal. I have put here the forex strategies I am most familiar with. If you got any feedback to improve this poll, feel free to let me know.

Which strategy/platform made you into a profitable trader?

  • Babypips
  • Btmm
  • Ict
  • Supply & Demand
  • Wyckoff
  • Other, specify.

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Other (specify)
Learning not to use leverage in my trades.


Completely agree. When I blew 2 accounts, I got the trade directions right, but the high leverage meant the chippings wiped it out and didn’t have time to run


Chris lori

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I hope it’s okay for me to answer this :sweat_smile: but I feel like I’ve been doing good for a part-time trader. I currently use moving averages (20, 50, 200) in my trading strategy, and it might not have originated here, but I found it here. :blush:


I appreciate your answer, but is this not more of a rule instead of a strategy? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good one! I am currently busy with his material.

It depends on your definition of a strategy. My definition comes from project management methodology.

Strategy is a what and a why.
What? I trade without leverage.
Why? Because i used to trade with leverage and I could never demonstrate a permanent positive edge.

I rest my case.

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If you like to use the ema’s, try out this:

I used to play around with this a lot. When price wicks against these ema’s and it happend at a strong area of value ( supply & demand, order blocks, highs/lows, etc. ), it can give you a good trade.


Are you not missing the ‘‘How’’ part?

All in all leverage can be dangerous indeed.

No, the “how” belongs in the plan you create to make the strategy happen.

A plan without a strategy has no beginning and no end. A strategy without a plan is a dreamer’s paradise.

That is why they invented project managers - to get stuff done that others can’t.

The plan includes the what, when, who and how. I’ve been at this for over 30 years. I can’t remember the last time anyone disagreed with this oh-so-simple approach.

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Of course. From a project management perspective that is true. However how would you define your strategy as in the steps you take and the view you have of the market? Do you use a specific indicator or pure price action? If you trade pure price action, do trade it backed by big money flow, support/resistance, etc. Does it make sense?

I don’t know ,good idea but maybe if the question was what do successful traders feel, is the biggest factor for success . What do you think ?

That is actually a good idea. A good one for a different poll I think. This poll is aimed at the trading strategy.

What ones man’s strategy might be a blessing, to another a total disaster .


Better to know which strategies produce profitable traders than to stay with a strategy that gives no consistent profitable results. Psychology and personality can be a factor, but a strategy works or does not work.

For me it was consistency. I focused my efforts on one currency pair one, lot size, one time frame, one profit target. Done.


And you just randomly buy and sell with that thought?

So you want me to outline my entire strategy here? lol. What I can post are the actual results. After I had 70 straight wins without any loss in one month I have now stopped counting. Someone once said when trading begins to get boring you are getting there. Go figure.


I am not asking for your strategy lol. I mean is it based on support/resistance, harmonic patterns, institutional trading, btmm or some other strategy there is out there?