Which strategy helped you to become profitable?

You are correct in that he is not obligated to share his strategy. None of us are. However the goal of this poll is to help new traders. Telling ‘‘consistency’’ is 0 value advice just like most of the people here come with those typical quotes. ‘‘Manage your risk!’’. ‘‘Have a plan’’ etc. Most of the people do not boast though. However this person did boast. When you boast, you can expect these things to happen.

Fine, we’re sore losers. You have your answer. You no longer need losing strategies then. Good luck and all the best.

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Ah I see your posts. Ok I take that part back.
Going back to the trading part. If you are truly holding your trades in drawdown. Be careful when a trend reverses. If this is not what you do, then never mind what I am saying now.

Thank you for coming back. It is human nature for people to question others’ practices, and there are two ways to do that - glass half full - like @darthdimsky, and glass half empty - other negative comments.

An expression I always think about in these circumstances where the original intent is to help, and you find yourself trying to explain, only to be drawn into an endless conversation without actual purpose is:

“When you are up to your *ss in alligators, it is difficult to remember that the objective was to drain the swamp” :innocent:

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No comment, lol.

I think there was just a cascade of misunderstood intentions at one point.

I believe the OP wanted to know what teachings or methods influenced each of us the most, in our trading. I could be paraphrasing and completely wrong but this is what I understood it when I suggested creating a poll in another thread. But I believe the phrasing used below caused a general misunderstanding

I think the OP’s tried his best to be open-minded and acknowledge ideas even if he doesn’t practice or completely agree with him. I don’t think anyone’s acted maliciously. Just a bunch of in the heat of the moment misunderstandings.

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The subject of posting strategies - or not posting strategies is interesting. There are reasons for both decisions and these might be worth exploring in the cool light of day. I’m starting a new thread on this if anyone wants to pitch in.


The results that we have till now are very interesting!

Honestly more than expected from Babypips. Interesting!

Same here. Though I try to read all new posts by new members. There is a high proportion of new members that say either they came here after blowing one or more accounts, and others saying their friends recommended Babypips as “a place where people will help you at no cost” and I have experienced exactly that since joining over 2 years ago.

This looks interesting! :smiley: I’ll definitely try this out. Maybe create a new trading journal with this strategy. :thinking: Thanks again! :smiley:

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If you start a journal, please let me know!

You mean you have blown accounts and studied at Babypips more than 2 years?

Not me who blew the accounts - I am recalling what other new members have said upon joining.

I understand what you mean now. This is also why the results are so shocking for me. I hope everyone filled it in sincerely. At least we have sold results now! Lots of ‘‘Other strategies’’ as well though.

I would like to think this is the case. Responses depend on how members interpreted your question. In my case, I had been a Babypips member back in 2011, but took an extended period off Forex involvement between then and 2019 when I rejoined. It would be correct for me to say that it was Babypips membership that led me to an eventual profitable strategy (not with Forex, but with crypto currencies), but it was the additional route of studying the NNFX method that gave me the plan rigour (and many other learnings over the years) that has resulted in me being profitable for nearly two years now. That may change, but I would like to think that this is a long enough period to declare that I am consistently profitable. If that changes, I will moan about it on Babypips first :crazy_face:

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Using Supply and Demand with clean charts free of noise .
Taking trades accordingly without adding too many rules and most importantly not revenge trading, that will blow your account pronto


To become profitable at forex trading, it is important to decide which strategy will work for you. I use a system that is based on two indicators and a price action signal.