Who Else is Tired Of Forex?

After a few years of Forex I have learned one thing. Forex is EASY. Easy to make money. Plain and simple. We as TRADERS make IT hard ! Marking up charts, timeframes, indexs, watching the markets, the moving averages. Blah Blah Blah

I started watching these Guys on Youtube making $1000’s within a very short time frame.

I noticed 1. they all were trading at or around 9:30 am EST

so I looked into it and I started copying what they were doing

  1. start trading 9;45 am to 9:50 Am EXTREMELY IMPORTANT (5MIN Chart)
  2. trade below or above Both 50 and 200 Moving Average …Wait for it !!!
  3. I use the IchiMoku Kinko and MACD also as confirmation

I open 1 pair 5 x’s and I am in market about 15 to 30 Min and I hit my PIP Goal for the Day and I am DONE ! just tired of wasting my time when i don’t have to anymore

Please Don’t ask me what Pairs I trade if you really want to know YOU try with YOUR Favorite Pairs and look at the time frame go back and see what it does past few weeks or months at that time.



I am tired of it, but it’s the kind of tired you feel after you hit the gym. I go in knowing it’s a new day and that this stuff sucks but I come out feeling better. For me it wasn’t easy to make money but at this point everything is simple. My account is not large enough for me to live off of it but I’m sure eventually it will be. I still think I’ll keep a job at that point because a trader’s life is very lonely. I’m technically living my dream life, I have everything I need. I’m just waiting for all this COVID stuff to leave and then maybe I can experience more. Is trading your main source of income?

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I’ve been using MAs too but I’ll also give this one a try! :open_mouth: :crossed_fingers: And thank you for sharing. :blush: I’ll definitely give an update once I’ve actually opened a trade with it.

I “liked” this post because it is just somehow so authentic, realistic, and down-to-earth.

I am sure it echoes the thoughts and current situations of many traders in their early stages. The frustrations, the “aloneness” if not actually loneliness, but also the hopes and persistence and determination to see it through to the end whether it eventually succeeds or fails. The dreams of financial and personal freedom against the reality of needing a regular job in the meantime.

It is important to know the reality of where you are and not just floating in the dreams of what could be. The road can be rough and rocky at times and the potholes very painful but the road does have a direction and a destination.


No but getting close as main source of income. I was up 60 pips by 10:00 am and then I was like Ok wait for next entry… above 200… Above the cloud … wait for the cross… :-1: took me until 2:00 pm until I hit my 250 PIP Goal. Why are we so stubborn when this is so EASY :unamused:

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When we get in we think we are going to get Rich overnight. It not until we conquer ourselves, go thru the growing pain, and realize this is a journey of growth, persistent, patients and discipline. Hardest and worthwhile thing I have ever tried to accomplish and I am finally able to do it calmly, peacefully and walk away. Profitable day or a loss.

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Like stealing from a baby.

How long did it take you ?

Any particular people to check out on youtube that you have found personally beneficial?

:open_mouth: What’s the size of their accounts though?

I am sorry I should of WROTE Making 100’s of PIPS Extremely QUICKLY!!!

I usually make 200 PIPs within 30 min to 1 Hour.

Just look at the different pairs you want to trade. Look at what they do between 9:45 am and 11:00 am EST each morning. Demo first either what’s in half your account or demo $100 to $200 to start. FOCUS on PIPS not $$$$$ Double or Triple your account based upon following directions , discipline patients, and getting in and Staying out of, Market until the Next Day.


Not really I just usually Youtube what I am trying to accomplish in my trading to get some ideas.


Nice! I’m glad you’ve found a system… even if it is “boring” haha.

Absolute nonsense !

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :partying_face: :partying_face:

Agreed !!!

Another 400 PIps Morning … Oops went over my Goal 250 pips goal…




Some newbies might actually be taking you seriously.
Not sure whether your ‘off the wall’ humour is a good idea’


In all seriousness a newbie … defined to me WOW going back 4 years Forex … easy money, do my own thing, no rules, don’t listen, stubborn, don’t follow directions, blown accounts.

We know it’s all about leverage and patience. That’s why I always advise others to Demo first, back test, and start small. Go for pips and not $$$$.

Newbies ignore all Advice until they are ready to change their habits.

They need a SHOCK once in awhile to WAKE them up.


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The “shock” makes the lesson stay in your brain.

As a rookie, you don’t realise how far back you have to scale back your ambitions. Shock, shock, shock. Stop loss, stop loss, stop loss.

That’s when you realise the reality of how little you know and how much you have to learn.

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That’s Awesome … Loved It…🥸