Who follows my threads

You’re selling signals, and no one follows. Then you make a thread asking if anyone follows the thread that no one follows.

To what end?

Most people are here to learn, not for signals. Try posting your signals on Instagram.


I’m not selling signals

michael jackson popcorn leaving

Aud cad sell

Tp 0.88118
Sl 0.88878

Cad jpy buy tp 108.601 sl 107.557

Close cad jpy buy

Move Aud cad tp to 0.87651

rate decision in couple of minutes volume

Rolling in profit :moneybag::blush:

Take profits Aud usd and Aud cad
And sell

Usd chf sell

Tp 0.86790
Sl 0.87566

I’ve been checking them out every now and then! :smiley: But I always end up late to the action so I can’t really take the trades with you. :sweat_smile:

Ha ha no worries rose

The pips are long lately so hopefully you can still jump in on this one

EUR usd buy

Did anyone profit from my tips yesterday?

at what price?

with what stop-loss??

with what target???

i’m not trying to have a go at you at all, @ausguyforex , but surely you can see that this is why almost nobody follows your threads? you give almost no details, no reasons, no evidence, no charts, no account information, and then you keep saying things like “rolling in profit” (e.g. just above) which really does make it sound (in the absence of details/evidence) as if you’re selling something (even if you’re not!)

you can see this, surely?!

@dushimes is right - sorry, again not trying to be rude to you, but there’s absolutely no educational value, just sets of signals accompanied by constant claims of unevidenced, undetailed profits … why would people want to follow this? i speak as someone who started off “interested” (as i actually said openly, at the time, in a couple of places!) and “on your side”, but even i lost interest! :hushed:

EUR usd buy now

Tp 1.10439
Sl 1.09379

Ok thanks :pray:

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I’d be interested if you posted some tips on how you pick positions and how your strategy works, but it’s just signals that I have no idea why you’re picking them. I’m not saying they don’t work or that you’re charging for them, but it’s not a huge contribution to this forum that is supposed to be about educating and learning how to trade. It looks like you’ve got something, but I have no idea how you’re picking entries or exits.

Your software would be super interesting to me, as a programmer, but that thread is just signals too.

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agree with your message , got some fine informative lines.

:rofl: :sweat_smile: :joy: oh well, @ausguyforex , at least you have a bot or two supporting you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :star_struck:

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I cracked the code over the weekend going to be a billion are!!!

Watch these

Gold buy

Cad jpy sell

Unfortunately we are in an age of attention seeking behavior and validation of self-worth from social media reactions.

It’s kind of sad, but I will give some feedback.

If you want people to follow your thread, give them something of value such as a breakdown of your charts and analysis. Having some insight gives context to your post beyond just buy or sell. I think people want to be able to follow the reasoning behind the decision to buy or sell.

Content wise, a picture is worth a thousand words. You don’t post screenshots of your charts and the word count of your content is very low, so I don’t know what there is to follow. By only posting buy or sell, it seems like you’re providing signals even if you aren’t charging for signals (at this time).

To answer the question in the title, I’m not following your threads but I wish you good luck anyway.

Buy nzd cad
Buy silver and gold :+1: