Who is the best ECN Broker?

Who is the best ECN Broker?

Turnkeyforex is my go to broker in when it comes to low spreads and commissions. Easy process and great support from them. Check it out.


coinexx check them out

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There is no the best broker the all have their drawbacks however you gain experience from testing various platform and improve your understanding of preferable platform. From my own experience I find Hotforex, Tickmill and IB as most suitable for my needs.

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Usual FP Markets staff out in force…

EagleFX, IC Markets, CedarFX I use
Other good ones(from people I know who use them) FXCM, LonghornFX, Oanda


I think Pepperstone is pretty good. My two cents. Not their Introducing Broker.

Yes, not a bad choices especially EagleFX. I`m also using them for more than 2 years already.

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Coinexx for me.

From this list, FP Markets ECN account seems to have better spreads and lower commission.

Anyone currently trading with FP Markets, can you please share long term reviews with them?

There is no such thing as an ECN broker. This has been mentioned a lot in other threads.

Oh, why do you say so?
Do you have any recommendation on any good forex broker?

“Best” is a subjective term, so it is hard to pick the right one, but for me, I’d recommend fxview. Their trading conditions are just right in my alley, with their ecn account - tight spreads, low commission, quick withdrawals and instant order execution.

Not all brokers that say they are ECN are actually ECN brokers. You will know about that only when you trade with them. Just be careful to not risk a big amount with them until you are sure that they are what you are looking for.

An ECN broker can provide you with tight spreads and transparent pricing. The order execution is faster too.

I’ll say AximTrade is the best ECN broker on market. Because it allows us to open a ECN account with 0 Pips spread.

Not sure if it would work for you or not, but for me, finprotrading is the best one.

You can check out this thread.
List of best regulated brokers

You can see some decent ECN brokers in this list. Can try on a demo before going live with any of them.

CedarFX is a good broker. Also, Oanda is my list as well. Assuming that you’re looking for some of the perks related to ECN brokers like low pricing and more transparency, those two options would be a good place to look.

In my opinion, FP Markets is a reliable ecn broker with good spreads and lower commission costs. Their customer service is prompt in answering client queries.