Why has the market been so volatile

Why the hell has the market been so choppy and all over the place for the past several weeks? My strategy is based on price action and trading between lines of support and resistance and trend breakouts. These structures I rely on do not exist right now …same can be said for stocks …possibly all the extra covid trading? Any ideas?

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Revert to demo account trading until you see the market change from choppy to bull or bear

The markets have always been volatile. We need volatility to make money. Embrace it.



September can be a weird month in my experience.

But I suspect much of it is to do with the up and coming US election.

Have not fear through from quiet markets are born large moves.

Traditionally Sep/Oct are volatile months so you can expect more of the same. NFP, the election news, etc will drive the markets till the end of the year. It’s always something so maybe tweak that strategy or stop trading if your not getting the desired results.

Everyone knows that Forex market is a volatile market. So, be careful about the market situation.

Forex has always been the most volatile market. Covid has an impact on forex but one can never accurately predict where the market will actually go.

It’s not the most volatile market by a long shot. In fact it’s been so calm most of my fellow traders have moved into stocks, options, commodities.

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I think your confusing volatility and leverage… The avg currency hardly moves on a percentage basis. With high leverage your experience is much different.

Right now there is constant choppiness in prices of not only forex but stocks as well. So I have to ask what strategy are you using that these types of price swings are a good thing? I trade on 5min and 15min candlesticks and I these patterns are not normal

I have to ask do you do you trade currencies on a daily basis? Anyone who trades forex on a normal basis knows that these arent good conditions for day trading …also leverage is simply the amout of money you are loaned for a trade that has nothing to do with market volatility, choppiness or wild price swings

I was hoping this maybe the case. With limited price action trades for me right now I am down to just trying to capture dividends on higher volume, high dividend stocks

That’s false, I have a good strategy that works almost all the time if it’s applied correctly and it depends on market stability and a solid chart structure

Never invite me in. And for the record, I use 8hr,2hr, 3min and ticks

Ok if you wouldn’t mind elaborating on your strategy and how you apply it to your timelines I would be happy to be enlightened and illuminated by you

Price bro. Price vs time. They are, afterall, the only two bits of information your broker will give you. What is the price now, what was the price then. Then read bro, I’m not here to feed people with a silver spoon. there is nothing I do different that hasn’t been done before.

Yes you are just what I expected my friend…especially after you said you trade 8hr candlesticks lol

One, I am not your friend, just a virtual figment in a virtual world.

Two, where did I say I trade 8hrs. These are my tools muppett.


I too trade 8 hr candles, don’t knock em to you have tried them!!

Of course they are not run of the mill on most trading platforms.

There seems to be a big preference for four hour candles - I hate them myself - there interfere with a good day out

At least with 8 hour candles you can even put in a good days work without having to be rudely interrupted by having to look at a chart.


Can you please tell more about price vs time? Isn’t that an old wycoff method? I have never read any of his stuff

I also use time in trading, but I guess not in the same way.