Why is Forex trading so HARD?

Yes, small steps will lead to big destinations. :slight_smile:

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Because you need to have a good discipline in trading, then you can do it. Most people tend to give up the halfway and start nitpicking and complaining about how trading is hard.

You are very right on the note that a good strategy, proper risk management, discipline should be enough for a trader to do well in trading. Since we are human being, we have emotion. It plays a huge role in trading. A trader is to be able to control emotion and take a trading decision accordingly. If he keeps doing that, he will surely be a successful trader.


I’m still trying to work that question out after 4 years in the markets. A lot of my friends have progressed further than me and can understand it a lot easier. I’m stuck staring at charts I have hardly any idea about. That’s not to say I don’t make profits, my set ups are clean, I just don’t find many opportunities.

Not that hard. Find a strategy, stick to the plan and be patient.

4 years is a lot of patience

Dude, better to have one of your friend as mentor and learn. Listen to their experience and start trading with small amounts. when risk is less stress is less and then only you can think better. First make plan and then execute, forex trading is the world where good plans always works.

If you’re in profit it seems easy otherwise the opposite.

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Who said that? Anything would be difficult for someone who is a beginner. Practice makes a man perfect and that’s what you gotta do.

I don’t think it’s so hard as you might think of. You know that these difficulties are in your brain, thus everything happens in the way you think of it. Psychology matters nor only in our livelihood but also it matters a lot in trading. Forex is considered to be hard because it requires lots of time of learning and practicing before you start make solid sums of money. You have to prepare yourself for long-lasting learning chain which include practicing, watching, reading and training. I tend to suppose that everyone who once decided to start trading activity should never be afraid of it and make everything to be good at it.

If it was made easy, then all of us would have been millionaire or billionaire. :smiley:

To be honest, I would not say that forex is a very difficult industry. The main thing that a trader must do is to undergo quality training. In this case, the chances of success are much greater.

Forex trading is not hard, unlike what most people think. The reality is that traders tend to take the wrong approach. For instance they just trade withvery little thought or barely carry out any proper analysis. To do well you need to devote time and attention, and learn to analyse trends and otehr factors well. Once you learn to do that it is not that hard.

It’s hard to fight in a boxing ring if you go unprepared, the same is with forex trading you need to have all the practice and knowledge before stepping into the field. That’s what differs newbies from experienced, the latter knows how the market works and his risk appetite

If you pay attention to training and try to gain new useful knowledge, Forex will be much easier. It depends more on the trader himself.

it is not hard. it depends on how you learn and implement.

Trading is easy, consistent successful trading is hard. That is the sphere of intersection of knowledge, experience, skills and discipline.

Exactly good things take time and patience, you would need to dedicate your time in learning and developing skills for trading.

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Yes, I agree with you on that!

I believe that forex is far from the most difficult way to work. Especially if you approach the issue of trading responsibly, you can get a very good result.