Why the hate for ICT?

Why all the hate from here towards ICT? I have been watching his YT and all seems really good.

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Ooooh. :open_mouth: I’ve seen ICT’s name around a few times already, but I didn’t really know people here didn’t like him. :open_mouth: I don’t know him either, but just curious why you think there’s hate here against him. :thinking: Tbh, I don’t really see it. :sob: Or maybe I just haven’t been reading posts enough.

Yes, he gets some stick here but nobody seems to set out why they’re so negative.

I’ve never watched any of his clips - what are his best points?

He rubs people up the wrong way but for me makes valid points if you cut through the noise. Watching his content helped me to see the markets more clearly and how to spot things. Others will say well that’s just the same as x, y and z or that his ideas aren’t original or whatever. Other point to a blown account of his. But I know what I see with my own eyes and if it works for me I don’t care about him as a person or what others think of his methods.

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This is only a theory, based on over 20 years of contracted project management. It is human nature to be dismissive of anyone who has an opinion that does not align with their own. Given that the vast majority of members of any open forum (like Babypips) are probably on the lower side of 50 than to upper side of 50 years old, it is more likely than not that psychology has not been aligned with successful trading.

So my response to hateful comments is that the commenter has not yet mastered the psychology of trading (in its broadest sense even) and is still in the mode of seeking confirmation bias, only supporting those who agree with the belief system of the commenter. This is covered in spades in Van Tharp’s book “Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom”.

About a decade ago I was managing the biggest project of my career - with a budget of “up to $100M”. I was encouraged at the outset by my direct line manager to spend a lot of time garnering “lessons learned” from global teams who had completed similarly large and complex projects in the past decade. He facilitated a total of ten meetings with well over 100 people experienced in similar projects. It is reasonable to say that, from a deep dive lessons learned analysis, the captured saving upon award of contract was in excess of $10M. Most important was the philosophy of my direct line manager in the tactical organisation of ten separate meetings. He told me that unless we set the culture as one of listening instead of assuming that everyone was on the same page, and equally extrovert with their opinions, we would not catch those opinions whose value may deliver the most. In particular, those who speak counter to the established thinking, and whose opinions may be more valuable than the accepted norms.

I will never forget this experience that has taught me to positively ignore confirmation bias and seek out alternative interpretations. It has massively improved our investment risk profile and will continue to do so.

I hope this anecdotal recall will be of benefit to those budding Forex traders who value the forum for what they learn from dissenters above having a forum to satisfy their less-than-optimized psychological approach to trading, whether that be interpreted as selfish arrogance, or just downright bullying of others.


I think he’s a very divisive figure. I’m not sure why though, I came here when he’s already long gone and has instead become something of a legend around here. Is he actively posting on YT? @jessoprules

I think some of it came after/during/from his challenge, posted about here.

It blew up if I recall, and then he started taking down all of his content here and elsewhere.

Ah there you go. No wonder we can’t find stuff about him here.


Here is a link to a podcast made by one of his students, VP of NNFX fame. It was through the study of the NNFX method that I became aware of ICT.

Just seen a lot of people mention that babypips as a community dont like him

Not sure he has done recently but I am going through his stuff from 2020 atm

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He recently redid his Market Maker series back in July. Worth a watch in my opinion. More concise than the older version.

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is he back?

Yes I have been watching this.

He’s posting quite frequently on YT now .
I really like his content a lot of SMC younger traders base their methodology on his work .
Works for me he waffles on quite a bit but his content is gold


I was going to say, there’s always been content on YT.

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Exactly that. Have to filter out the waffle but some absolute gems in his free content.

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A lot of “mentors” selling courses are just rehashing his stuff. IML especially.

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Anybody who hates ICT, does not know how to apply it, PERIOD!!!


Oh wow NNFX existed with the help of ICT! That’s kinda cool.