Why we need more (good) female traders

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here is some new estrogen on FX :63:
I’m a representative from our planet…Venus, as you can guess :8:. I sincerely hope that on Earth I can use my knowledge in forex market. Maybe I will need some help from you guys. I know that a small dose of testosterone will help :5:
Just kidding :53:
Both genders are meant to fit together, as well as here …in forums…in forex…
Happy trading to all of you… women & men
And take a break…weekend is coming


Hello Natalija!

A big welcome to you from our community of hopefuls!

You are right, we are meant to fit together: men and women, like two sides of the same coin…

Good luck to you and let us know how your trading goes.

Have a nice weekend.


Thank you for your warm welcome PipMeHappy!
Have a great weekend you to.

Somebody else? To wish me luck? Anybody? :64:


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My mom told me before that my grandpa wanted ONLY their sons to go to college and their daughters should just finished high school because they will stay home anyway once they get married and have kids. My grandma didn’t finish high school herself let alone college but she didn’t agree with that idea. She encourage him that they all should go to college because they just don’t know if they will ended up marrying someone who doesn’t have a job. Sure enough, one of her daughter married someone who doesn’t have a job and her husband stayed home with their kids and take most of the household responsibilities that woman do while she go to work and worked on her career… My grandma is right after all…

The real life example that I have outline above is a learning lesson for me that if my grandma didn’t speak up and voice her own opinion what she think is right and what she think it will be best for all her children and what if her daughter didn’t finished college and still marry someone who doesn’t finished college as well or not having a good paying job, What do you think they will be ending up with? The problem is not all about having a “gender” discrimination, inequalities or what not, yes to some degree. What I have experience so far is that most women are afraid to voice her own opinion if she thinks she knows that she is right. In every company, industry, businesses that you work for, we all have to bring in something into the table. Great ideas are coming in from both Men and Women but if you will notice, Men are the one who are more vocal about it for what they’ve accomplished, what they “think” they can do… to boost more on their egosss…ssss lol Which is fine that’s how it should be because they are male. However, that doesn’t mean women should just stay in the corner and “bow” their head to all these great ideas and opinion from men. Some women just need a little push to speak up of what’s on their mind. We should encourage those girls who are still in school that do not afraid to bring in their ideas, opinion, and what they think it should be. The best place to start is from home and school at the young age so later on in life and when the time they have their own career , they are more prepared into the real world and maybe we will have more women who are successful to any field that they choose even if that field is dominated by Men… We need more Leaders than Managers. These are 2 different things…We all can learn from each other and having a right balance can be more efficient and we can make the world a better place…
Oh and I wish for World Piece :)[/I]


Hello PipNRoll, our FX Woman and Supreme Contributor (I hope that you like your new title)!

I just quoted part of what you say, which is exactly what Sheryl Sandberg talks about in ‘Lean in’: it is a sort of ‘fear of
raising the hand’, a fear of being disliked, a fear of speaking up… Again, no two women are the same, but on the whole, in school as in life, women absorb this idea from unspoken rules and learnt behaviour that their role is to let the men speak… However, there is, as you say, a wonderful opportunity to change this at an early age, not by discouraging boys to speak up but, at the same time as that, by pushing girls to say something and speak up rather than letting group dynamics relegating them to being pushovers.

Anecdotally, there is a fantastic colleague of mine who is a great teacher but she keeps apologising for not helping out for anything that one may ask - if you asked for a rubber and she could not find one, she would turn the Earth to find you one - and I have to say that, recently, as she has worn herself to the ground with poor health and with trying to be super-human (trying to help everyone, at home as at work), I do find myself wanting her to ‘switch off’ the emotional awareness that she has about other people’s needs… Some women seem to have with this emotional awareness, which actually hampers their progress, as they become afraid of hurting other people’s feelings… I have to tell my colleague to stop apologising for things that she has no need to apologise for, because this is her time to get better and to be a little more selfish… But those virtues - altruism, generosity of spirit, helpfulness, kindness - are not to be discouraged: however, being too kind, too helpful, too generous and altruistic will not always get you respect: people will take advantage of it, sooner or later. Whether this is a female characteristic or not, I do not wish to ponder (as gender stereotyping would occur), but it is true that careers can be hindered by a lack of confidence in pushing forward within, say, an organisation, for your OWN progress, and to drive forward your OWN agenda, for fear of hurting, displeasing, or offending others…

So, in other words, PipNRoll, I once again agree with you and validate everything you say…

Thank you for your wonderful family story, as well… And your grandmother must be very proud of you…

Thank you PipMeHappy…

I have worked and I have talked to those women who you just describe. Unfortunately, these women doesn’t know how to say “NO” and set boundaries. Yes, they cannot be Super-woman and give everything to other people and nothing left for herself. I am still trying to figure it out the reasons “why” they do it. Is it because they are afraid that their friends, partner, husband will leave them or won’t like them anymore if they say “no” to any request from them? Or is it because she is just a naturally a giving person that it doesn’t matter to her if nothing left for herself? But something must have to give in either her health or maybe will ending up losing everything and everyone around them. Saying “NO” to something is not a sign of weakness, rather it is a sense of power that you can give to yourself and a chance to think it through, take care of yourself, look after yourself so at the end you are able to give again but in a more effective way. If you are always available at giving, do you think you are more effective by helping people? Or do you help them to become more independent by saying “NO” and let them figure it all out? I think the latter has a greater effect in helping….Saying “NO” and giving the reason as to “why “ is ,I think, the best approached…

My grandma just turn 90 years old…She is still have a lot of strength in her and looking fabulous as ever …and we sure have learn so much from her. She have so many great stories to tell on life survival, how they manage to raise 10 kids and all graduated in college…No excuses, no complains…just doing what they are supposed to do and always appreciate what they have no matter how big or small it is and not being entitled on anything…and all because of my grandma’s strength, intelligence, know what she wants, and not afraid to speak up.


Female traders are generally positive sign for growth of business. That’s why, we need.

Hello traders!

I give you… Liz Cheval, Chair(wo)man of EMC Capital, who passed away last year, aged 56:

Elizabeth Cheval, EMC Capital Chairman, Dies of Aneurysm at 56 - Bloomberg

A remarkable trader, sadly no longer with us.

Fantastic topic of discussion. Hopefully our enterprising women will be encouraged to be on board.


Thanks PipMeHappy…I’ve just join that community
Whole week of trading is in front of us…let’s do our best before Easter.

Hello Natalija,

good for you! Well, a whole ‘week’ but only four days (Friday is a holiday)… Mostly CPI figures this week, so if these will not move the market, then, maybe, it will move for other reasons… Let us see what happens!

Thank you for bringing, as you say, more oestrogen into this forum!


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Yes emeraldorc, I also agree with you.