Why we need more (good) female traders


[B]Terri Duhon,
founder and owner of B&B Structured Finance,


who was one of two women working as traders at JP Morgan in the 1990s;

read her interview about her experiences as a female trader in a male environment here:

Man’s World: The Reality of Life as a Female Trader | The Next Women - Business Magazine

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Thanks for providing those links of those successful Female Traders all over the world. I need to spend time to read each one of them…Oh and Carmen Delos Santos from my country… Nice! And not to mention " High Heels" and fashion my kind of thing :wink: I always says that life is to short not to wear heels lol I might need to reach out to her and do some networking :slight_smile:

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I thought you may have found Charmel’s profile of interest; maybe you will network with her or at least add yourself on her HighHeels mailing list!

From Chicago (USA), meet…

[B]Virginia McGathey [/B]:

in 1986 she founded McGathey Commodities, a brokerage execution company at the CME Group, trading Futures and Options on all grain products…

Read more about her and see her interview here: Virginia McGathey


I loved this article especially the part were her mum makes her learn the words to “I am a woman” priceless…

Thanks for that share, I sent the youtube video of the single to my wife who couldn’t stop laughing. She makes some really good points about office jokes, etc. In my opinion PC has made people more restricted in the dark humour department. Frankly if I take your arse to the cleaners every year on a proprietary desk, I don’t care if you think I am black, female or any other minority and want to make a gaff, my bank balances is big enough to make you re-think your own ethnicity, gender or race superiority ideas. I do think PC is not a necessary addition especially to the finance world.

The markets are the only industry that know no prejudice, they gift all that have the ability to take them on and succeed. A true meritocratic world. Unlike many other fields were people merely survive using pack mentality. It brings home something Jesse Livermore says about the black fellas, I think they were known as the Harriman brothers, don’t quote me…but they were known as one of the wealthiest duo in wall street in the early 1900’s a rare happening. It is much the same today for minorities everywhere with PC simply masking the real issues.

Thank you, emeraldorc, you make an interesting point… Driving racism and sexism underground are one of the unwanted collateral effects of corporate political correctness, even though it has raised the issue that to use subtle forms of humiliation and belittling through crass humour and openly discriminatory expressions is, especially if coming from a senior member to one of the junior members, damaging to the latter and to the company’s inclusiveness in terms of its gender-diverse and ethnic-diverse make-up.

However, meritocracy truly does, in certain contexts, drive the cart, regardless of the coachman/coachwoman’s background and, implicitly, making gender an irrelevance. Having no experience of the high-finance world myself, I can only post here what others experienced, so I will let them speak for themselves.


Meet …

[B]Jacki Zehner [/B]

who was the youngest woman and first female trader to become a partner at Goldman Sachs.

Zehner left Goldman in 2002 to fully commit herself to the social and economic empowerment of women. She is the inaugural CEO of Women Moving Millions, a nonprofit organization dedicated to mobilizing unprecedented resources for the advancement of women and girls.

Resource: Jacki Zehner | TEDxWomen

Jacki Zehner on Money, Women, and Changing the World: Blog | Jacki Zehner On Women, Money, and Changing the World

Well I’m trying to do my part! I definitely can see how trading is mostly dominated by males, and whenever I try telling my girlfriends about trading they just role their eyes! Haha one day they’ll see :slight_smile:


This is interesting…
Recently Time Magazine reported on a new breed of Japanese Forex traders; young professional women who don’t want to be dependent on men. Ones that the magazine say spend the morning executing a few trades then spending the afternoons shopping and toasting their successes with a glass of champagne with friends.
They post their triumphs on Facebook, tweet or blog, often accompanied by pictures of the retail trophies they’ve rewarded themselves with.

Psychologists say that women make the ideal Forex trader; they’re more risk averse than their male counterparts and whilst that may mean they don’t make big profits as often as men, their propensity to check every deal carefully before committing to a trade makes them less likely to suffer losses. Some say that women are more intuitive than men too, giving them that ‘sixth sense’ advantage.
The incentives to join the ranks of successful women traders are manifold; successful trading gives you confidence, independence, security and some of life’s little luxuries. Research says that what’s holding them back is not a lack of ability, nor the proverbial ‘glass ceiling’ that says a woman can’t do what a man can, it’s just awareness of the opportunities and access to help that is tailored to their particular needs.:33:

Thank you, FXLords; I was aware of Japanese female forex traders from Google searches, but your reference was a welcome addition; your reasoning is flawless, regarding the lack of opportunity awareness, and I think that it is exactly this which Jacki Zehner (for which see my link a few posts up) is trying to tackle, as well as what we already discussed.

Once again, we only had two female traders on this thread (PipNRoll and natalijanaseva), but I know that there are more around… Perhaps, if they are reading this, they will like to share their thoughts with us…

Cheers, everyone…

PS - good work, LexiFX!!!

[QUOTE=emeraldorc;621307] [B]I don’t care if you think I am black, female or any other minority and want to make a gaff, my bank balances is big enough to make you re-think your own ethnicity, gender or race superiority ideas.[/B] [QUOTE]

Love this!! Its worth putting that in bold letter and maybe put that in my wall… and maybe in my forehead for eveyone to see lol.

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Good evening! We are Honoured by the Honorary FX Woman herself, the Mistress of Money on a Roll, PipNRoll!

Yes, emeraldorc’s quote is one of those classic ones… I just hope I never have to use it, based on my £550 account!

Keep in mind though, trading in Forex is not the only way you can be wealthy or becoming financially independent… There are so many other ways.

Thanks for opening up this thread! It seems a lot of interests and a lot of folks contributing to it with some great valuable points… :slight_smile:

Indeed! You are right!!!

Can I add single available women female traders, this bachelor needs more choices lol.

From Orlando, Florida (USA) meet…

Michelle Volmering, trader and owner of

Mojo Trading LLC, and Online Trading Academy


From Iran, meet

Diana Kanial,

founder and CEO of
About | Invest Diva

Another very talented investor, trader, and businesswoman…

Good luck! Happy trading!:wink:

Good luck! Happy trading!

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