Why we need more (good) female traders

Forex is a good business and every one can participate in this business. forex is equally good for females too. Females can also earn good business and we they can make good money in Forex.

As much as we would like to empowering women, I also would like to empower men. We (female traders) most if not all have learned those ideas, strategies, techniques on how to trade fundamentally, technically or even coding/ programming EA’s, etc. most of them are came from men without their great ideas and implementing those ideas and show us (female) how to do it, we wouldn’t be here. We learn those from men and I appreciate everything I’ve learn from men…

We also learned what not to do :slight_smile: thank you!

Well said!:slight_smile:

Thank you, PipNRoll… I think that I made my point by showing that there are successful female traders (and investors, CEOs and so on) out there, if only they were celebrated more…

The problem with empowering men is that this thread is not about men, but about women, It would be like going into a feminist forum and saying that we should also celebrate men… There is probably 90% of the trading world celebrating male role models, so let us at least have one thread not concerned about that…

Minorities are the ones needing empowering… We, the men, are empowered enough as a gender, in comparison to women…

I would agree with you, PipNRoll, in saying that this is not to say that there are no great men out there who have taught others great things and inspired them to achieve high goals… I am with you on that, and three cheers to them for what they do x

Good night, you all.

Happy trading.

You should leave women alone. Let them decide. They have enough to think about without unthinking men and the likes of Christine Lagarde, both by what they say and by the example they set, trying to push them in the direction which does us long term harm. We need our clever and most able women to be most concerned about being wives and mothers and bringing at least as many clever and able children into the world, and bringing them up, as the less clever and less able women. Creaming them off for careers is disastrous. George Sadler

I disagree…

Depending upon the financial status of the household. Some are fortunate enough that a family can live out of 1 salary and women/moms who loves to be stay at home and raise their kids. It is the most noble job to stay home and raising their own kids and it is a tough job but some moms love it. However, there are those mom who are career oriented but still loves their kids and be a mom. It all depends on the financial status and what she loves/likes to do. Bottom line is whatever will make her happy and what she think she can contribute and make her time valuable and worthwhile, that’s what she will do. If she stays home but she is miserable and she doesn’t like it, it will affect the people around her especially her kids. It is good that she have options. Working mom doesn’t equate to be a bad mom . She can still raise a clever, intelligent woman even if she holds a career or not…

I have heard the saying “behind every great man there is a great woman”.

This saying is incorrect, it has no basis in truth.

The correct words or spelling of the phrase - change ‘hind’ to ‘side’.


A nice topic brought by brother PipMeHappy. Here the catchword is "(GOOD)” female traders.
Let us see the word “good” from two angles:

  1. In the eyes of a trader………… She is Good who can earn profits from fx market.
  2. In the eyes of fx market……… She is Good who gives away her capital to fx market.

I believed serial 1 was the focusing point. Now let us study the impact of a good female trader ….both on forex market and on her own daily life.

Good traders irrespective of any gender put the same effect on the fx market. Same way the bad traders also put the same. Now, what is the percentage of male/female that can remain cool and calculative in the turmoil of fx market? Definitely the percentage of male is more (just think of your family, who was more anxious in any calamity… mom or dad?). So, in the eyes of fx market (for raising fund) female traders are lucrative.

But, a GOOD female trader is an asset for the family and society. How? Throughout the world it is the man’s responsibility to run his family. Females have the option to get involved in earning. She also has the option not to get involved. It is the physical and psychological nature of mankind. If a female can earn money from fx market sitting at her home, simultaneously can look after her family, home and children…….is there any other better choice for her in this world?
If a female trader is happy with her earnings, she can make more female traders more easily than the males can do. Maintaining the honour and dignity she can see her world with confident eyes. It will be a revolution to get rid of man’s miser wallet.

Let us encourage the female traders.



‘Let us encourage the female traders’… Well said, ‘wasek’… I agree with everything you wrote, and I hope so does everyone else… ‘Geosad’ is right in saying that it is up to women to decide what to do, but I agree with PipNRoll regarding the problematic nature of the rest of Geosad’s comment… And, in paying tribute to what she (PipNRoll) has written, as well as Peterma, I would like to ask the question: how often, in the world, is motherhood and career a choice? Please take three minutes to watch thisThe girl effect: The clock is ticking: The girl effect: The clock is ticking - YouTube

Thank you.

There was a study done back in 2001 on the differences between men and women and their trading styles/results.

It’s a typical long read. but can be summed: study sample 35,000 trades - men traded 50% more frequently. The quality of selection is similar.

One unusual outcome is that over confidence in unmarried males seems to lead to over trading, thus getting married seems to make a man a better trader, “conversely, female traders seem to become less profitable after they get married”.
(credit to Lex Van Dam for this summary).

My take - over confidence, whether male or female, is a killer :slight_smile:


you have crowned this thread with a GLORIOUS journal article!

On behalf of the collective, a big THANK YOU…

Here is a quote from said article:

Tackling irrational overconfidence displayed by my gender

by the presence of more women in the investment sector

may be just the ticket that could prevent fatal mistakes and

bubbles… who knows!

Yes PipMe, it’s very much a hot topic, last night on Irish TV Jeffrey Archer was discussing this very subject - the fact that there were no women on the board of Lehman Bros, he is of the opinion, that had there been more women directly involved in large corporations then the bubble would not have happened.

His view is that women are much more cautious on major investment decisions - it was a very interesting discussion.

It depends which country/place where you live in. If you live in a 3rd world country, there is not much choice. It is sad but some country it is the norm to get pregnant at that very young age maybe culture wise and or religion. If girls getting pregnant at the age of 15 but no help from parents, husband/partner, or any relatives who can guide her in these most difficult times then their is no future for her and her child. Atleast in a country like the US or maybe in Europe, there are so many organization who can help these young girls to survived. Other countries, they do but not as much so they have to figure it out on their own or just live day by day and no where to go. More than likely, it will carry this on for generation to come. The only way to stop it is to break that cycle and encourage these kids (boys and girls) to stay in school and finish their school hopefully through college with the help from people who cared for them especially their parents if not maybe other relatives/friends. Sometimes, there are things that you cannot control off. Kids should not suffer with any of this and every adult should be their role model and it should starts at home and school. Not in TV shows or any social media…

Although, my grandma way back in 1930s or 40’s, she get pregnant at the age of 15. Back then life is different than it is now. Yes, she have 10 kids but her and her husband get through it and work as a team/partner and all kids turn out just fine (well, sometimes lol) and finished their school through college and it pass that all into us ( cousins :)). So there is always a way… Just needs to figure out how and if she get help… Especially help from her husband they will survived…

I am not sure how true this is but I thought it is interesting to read. Though, it might have some correlation of what our Mr. Peterma was referring to about female when they are married they tend to perform less in trading. So ladies, my piece of advice, don’t get married LOL!

Video: Billionaire investor: ‘Breastfeeding is reason why few women will make great traders’ - Telegraph

Mr Tudor Jones said:

“Life events, such as birth, divorce, death of a loved one and other emotional highs and lows are obstacles to success in this specific field of finance.”


“I believe that great success is possible in any field – from music to mathematics to macro trading – as long as a woman or man has the skill, passion, and repetitions to work through the inevitable life events that arise along the way.”

well you seem to be a woman, how succcessful is your trading career?

Success in trading takes a lot of time. I will define my success in trading , as it is right now, that I finally found what works for me and what not. I have found my skills is align into my personality… If I continue on what I have been doing and keeps up… I will know by not to distant future…Knowing that it excites me and at the same time I am so nervous lol…

Thanks for asking…

Hi 22,

Welcome to BP… have we met before?

Interesting link, PipNRoll: you have enlightened us, again, and, like Peterma, have brought a spark to this conversation…

At the bottom of the article which you linked, there were some interesting comments from various readers; here are two of them:

From this, and other posts, I would say that I would have loved to have met your grandmother: she sounds like someone I would have great respect for… maybe some of her blood was passed down the generations, hm? :wink:

Sadly, some of the highest teenage pregnancy rates are right here in the ‘developed’ world (take Barnsley and Doncaster, in South Yorkshire (England, United Kindgom))… But then, as much as young girls lacking in self-awareness, or role models, or anything preventing this from happening, you also know that behind every teenage pregnancy there is a boy who may have thought he could get away without wearing a condom, or did not know how to put it on properly, etc.

As you say, PipNRoll, there is much more support in ‘developed’ countries to try helping these young parents (and to avoid history repeating itself) than, say, in other countries…

I think the Taliban have a point. You don’t want to be educating your cleverer and more able women because you want them to be devoting their lives, mainly, to having and bringing up cleverer and more able children. That is not going to stop them from currency trading if they so desire.
On the other hand you do want your less clever and less able women to be educated. George Sadler.