Why we need more (good) female traders

‘The Taliban have a point’???

No offence, but … no, they hardly qualify as a force for good…

Since we are talking about why we need more female traders, here is a saying
“I would rather trust a woman’s instinct than a man’s reason.”
― Stanley Baldwin

Yea, her and I already have a little “heart to heart” talk about it a long time ago. She did said that I have inherent some of her traits and I told her " ofcourse, but I made it a little better version of her… Like wayyyy better" lol she knows. Thanks!

Thanks for posting this! Gonna share this with my female trader friends… Mostly just Happy Pip and Huck, haha.

The truth is that…

there is a bit of grandmother in all of us!

Thank you, PipDiddy, it certainly was an interesting exchange between members…

I am sure that many more will have ideas about this topic.


Something that women (and men, but unfortunately more women) often are criticised for or judged by:

their attire in the workplace… Too ‘Woodstock for Wall Street’? Too much of this, or too much of that?

Here is an article that sheds light on this sartorial issue:

Food for thought…

Sharpen your shoes, and smarten your brains…

Interesting story! Thanks for sharing.

I love to read brother PipMeHappy’s posts. Watched the clip “YouTube”. I shall give my views on two aspects:

  1. Choice of motherhood and/or career
  2. The clip

Keeping in mind the topic of thread- "why we need more (GOOD) female traders”………………

Views on serial 1
With an example I would like to start:

Male and female- both of them are equal, but not identical. Suppose there is a question paper both for male and female. 10 questions, all are of 10 marks each, total mark 100. In one question on pregnancy, love and care- the female got 9 and the male got 6. In another question on physical strength and hardship- the male got 9 and the female got 6. Remaining all other questions they both got equal marks (10 out of 10). The total marks obtained were- female 95, male 95. So in one subject the female has got a degree of advantage and in another subject the male has got a degree of advantage. But overall both are equal- scored 95.

The universal truth is- mother loves us more than anybody in this world. Motherhood is a blessing. Nobody would have seen this world without this blessing. Taking care of children (in all aspects) is a responsibility. So in a single sentence we can say- “motherhood is a blessing tied with love and responsibility”. The father can score some marks in this aspect, but not equal to the mother.

Responsibility demands time, time demands some level of standard to passing by, level of standard demands expenditure; expenditure demands earnings, earning demands a source of income/profession/career. Which one to be ignored…. Motherhood or career? ……It is a point of choice.

Let us consider- motherhood without career. This picture reflects a family where the father/somebody else has taken over the responsibility of earnings. Mother gets the full time to develop her growing child according to her tastes. Until the child reaches to adulthood it is a happy loving bondage. When the child grows up to understand the right or wrong, then the mother has the choice to get involved in a career.

Let us consider- motherhood and career simultaneously. Obviously the child will be taken care of by somebody else at the time of mom’s nonappearance. There will be mixture of tastes in the nature of the child which may not be liked by the mom. Possibility of getting derailed remains maximum.

What the nature wants- “Give time to your child” to make them real human in thought and act. Selection of life partner becomes more important in this scenario and the role of guardians to guide the “would be couple” is vital.

How can fx help- Fx gives the scope of an additional earnings to mom, keeping the child on lap/in front of eyes. Father can work in peace thinking that his child is in the most secured place.

Views on serial 2 (The Clip): It is the existing society around us- Wolf in mask. The life of a child without mom is a curse. Noway father can bear the responsibility of mom. Moms are the diamonds of a nation.

Lastly I want to draw attention to the tastes of existing society where we live:

  1. Am I ready to show off my daughter to the public with minimum cloths?-…NO.
    Am I ready to see others’ daughter?-Hmm.
  2. Advertisement of a super car beside a mini dressed beauty- whichone to look at first? Who you desire to test  
     drive??...the car or…..?

“sEll mOmS before they understand their values”.

Request to moms/would be moms- Learn forex and help kid’s right growing, learn forex and increase family income.

On a largely anonymous internet forum discussing Forex trading why on Earth is it of interest to anyone which gender sits at the keyboard?

Because I was interested in it :slight_smile: that’s a good enough reason…

Over four thousand people have viewed the thread in a month, so I think it is of interest to someone.

Do you have any comments of your own?

lol fair enough!

I sort of gave my opinion already, but essentially it is this - I do this for a living, just like in my previous career I don’t have any preference on whether my colleagues are male or female.

And as as for the 4,000 views, I think that that just speaks to the human condition - the majority of people will go for the quick human interest story rather than the more challenging technical, dry stuff. Which is not a criticism, simply an observation. If views equate to importance, a dancing dog on YouTube would rate rather more highly than all sorts of pressing social, political issues, sadly.

apologies, incidentally, if my drafting is off - I’m currently with my daughter so on the iPhone rather than a sensible keyboard.

Hello Simon…

The fact that you are typing on Forextown while spending time with your daughter must mean that

you are a competent multi-tasker! Yes, I think that it is not about thread ratings… and this is not

meant to be anything other than something to stimulate a debate… There are plenty of ‘which broker’

‘FXCM are a scam’ ‘help with indicators’ threads to cater for, as you call it, the ‘dry stuff’, so I thought

to bring something less technical into focus, and people have responded, like yourself, in all manner of

ways, which was great.

So if the thread died now, tomorrow, or carried on further, it would have served its purpose already,

and I am very happy with sharing this topic with the collective.

I agree with the fact that someone’s sex (male or female) is irrelevant to their trading, but their gender

(the cultural construct of being male or female within society) has an impact from the moment that the

trading activity is taken out of the individual-with-a-laptop and put into a wider corporate context, as the

many stories (some of which were shared on this thread) seem to testify.

However, nothing in a topic such as gender bias can be proven 100% like scientific fact, but the low numbers

of traders of the female sex/gender compare to their male counterparts around the world do remain a fact,

and given the advantages that retail trading can bring to individual traders, and its flexibility, it would seem

right and proper to ask whether, or why, so few women compared to men are not leaving their bank accounts

to invest in a well-run Forex account… Lots of food for thought, here!

Thank you for posting, Simon, and congratulations to you for being a dad, one of the greatest feelings on Earth…


Lol I think that anyone with a young family or who aims to earn a living while not working for an organised employer has to develop a certain flair for multi-tasking!

Do you know what, you have entirely sold me on this thread, and others cut from the same cloth. The endless ‘which broker…?’-type threads don’t add a great deal beyond one’s first month or two, so you have entirely converted me to the broader, think pieces. So apologies for my initial scepticism. Reminds me of your post on the ‘what would you ask a top trader if you met one’ (or something like that) thread. So thank you for introducing a little balance and freshness to BP, I always enjoy your posts.

Thank you. I take it you have kids yourself? We have four - young Alice is 14 months, and my boys are five, seven and nine. All good fun and I’d do nothing else. Come to think of it I’m not entirely sure why I’m suddenly talking about family - I guess it felt like a sharing moment! I’d certainly agree that it is the best feeling out there, and congratulations to you, too!

Dear Simon,
thank you for the very positive comments… I am sure that having a family,albeit being hard work (no doubt, especially those sleepless nights early on), can be a great gift… I do not have children, although I would like to start a family soon… I look forward to holding my first child in my arms, and sharing that moment with my partner… Okay, as you say, this is slightly off topic…

As for the trade topics, yes, there is a lot of repetition, but I suppose for a newbie it is important to feel that they can have a thread to themselves, and make their voice heard above the ‘noise’… What I find strange is that at weekends, when I have more time to read and post answers, the ‘dead zone’ strikes and some of the forums are so dormant you would think there had been an epidemic among traders… Maybe it is actually a good thing, that traders/people can switch their computers off and spend time outdoors, or getting drunk around town, or making love!! I am all for that!

On that note, I better go as it is time to cook dinner!

Have a great weekend, Simon.

Happy trading.

Hello traders!

Meet Kathleen Brooks,

Director of Research at Forex.com:


females are important tools in terms of forex trade. They can analysis the market, know when to execute a trade, when to make profit and even know when they can run at lose. Though females are instrument of emotions, I will also say there are female traders out there that trade with little or no emotions. Not that there are only qualified males to trade forex, there are female traders that are most qualified for this trade. The problem we have today is this ancient word “gender discrimination” some persons feels that females are just too weak to handle a trade especially forex, why not leave forex for a female to see how excellent she will handle this trade and make a profit a day that the males(so called expert) can not even do a month.

That’s an interesting point you make, about the forum being quiet on weekends. I certainly find that the active membership as a whole is more transitory, these days, compared with my first year or two here. It used to be that there was a pretty large group of active members who had been trading for some time and had developed some degree of rapport, although many of them had not met. It did often give a feeling of consensus on various key trading issues. Then the whole place sort of exploded, many experienced members left or greatly reduced their posting, and now I feel as though the newer members make up a much higher percentage of the overall posts, plus there is a greater turnover of active members. So the ‘average’ thread become more bitty, that means that much of the debate remains shallower, and then that in turn dissuades others from posting more than a quick off-the-cuff. With fewer members taking it all as consistently seriously as some of the members of a few years ago did, I have always assumed that a higher proportion of the current active membership is off on weekends doing the sort of things to which you refer, rather than living and breathing trading. It is the livers and breathers who still talk and research trading when the market is closed.

Anyway, a few clumsy generalizations in there, but I stand by the thrust of it.

I hope that dinner was good, and can wholeheartedly recommend the whole starting a family idea, for what it is worth. And trading is an ideal companion to that, as even with several children it is flexible enough still to allow time for hobbies and romance.


Eighty-four year old Ingeborg Mootz, from Germany:

Successful Female Forex Traders

A fantastic success story from a late starter!!

Hello, Simon,
that is an interesting scene, of which I was not aware - and I wonder how many people would know of it, if those traders have indeed gradually been leaving the forums…Yes, sometimes I wonder how many people on BabyPips forums survive a whole year before just joining the ranks of passers-by who never shall return…

Thank you for the positive comments about starting a family… I am unsure if it will happen for me, but we are trying, and you certainly give me hope about it being a wonderful prospects… I was sat in a cafe’ the other day and some dads, at different times during the morning, came in with a pram to have a coffee, while their babies slept peacefully… I must say that I am really hoping to be one of those dads, and be part of something so special… Now, if even just one of them had whipped out a laptop and started looking at charts, well, I would not have been able to help myself and it could have been a great conversation!

Certainly, trading and parenthood can be reconciled, I hope… Fingers crossed.

Cheers, and Happy Trading, as I am wont to say.