Why we need more (good) female traders

Yep,Our ST here knows it to well how family works and such…

It is very rare for a man to talk about wanting to start a family :slight_smile: I am sure you and your partner will work things out. Maybe you should encourage your partner to learn how to trade and maybe she will like it. Who knows… It will be good to see how she can bit you to it and kick your ass lol… Oh that will be fun! :wink:

Oh, hello, our PipNRoll! How wise you are … Remember this thread (on which you posted too)?


Well, it has been just over a year since then, and my girlfriend has accepted my trading a little bit more now… I told her

about my positive results, and while she is still not interested in doing it herself, she does not find it so upsetting to think]

that I ‘gamble’ (ahem)… with this ‘thing’ called Forex…

As for men wanting to start a family, I do not know if that is such a rarity… I certainly think that men have, biologically,

more years to decide, so, inevitably, it could be that they are seen to be more ‘reluctant’ because they have less pressure

to plan… BANG BANG BANG (not a euphemism for youknowwhat)! This is how women have to plan, sometimes, especially

when they are running out of time (thirties, for example)… Biology is so cruel to women: at forty they are socially young

and active, but reproductively ‘old’… Some women are saying ENOUGH to nature and taking charge of their own biology:

New Egg Freezing Technology Eases Women’s Career-Family Angst - Businessweek

It is a huge issue and one that IVF, for example, still is unable to truly solve…

This is why, probably, it is still women who are perceived to be the ones keener to start a family during a relationship…

but, like anything, this is not at all the rule! And once a man finds the right woman to start a family, he will have no

lesser desire to do so… Again, it is all dependent on context, life stages, personal ambitions and family history (e.g.

people from larger families may be more inclined to have more than a single child themselves, though that is not

a rule, of course)…

What about you, PipNRoll?

Interesting article… I have read similar to this before not sure where though. As far as freezing their eggs, I guess whatever works for them. Sure you can have a child but raising a child is a very difficult thing to do especially raising it by a single dad or mom. Are they only doing this because of peer pressure by their family and friends who think that there is something wrong with her if she is not married or doesn’t have a child at a certain age? A child needs both parents not just one. I don’t know I am just an old fashion lol. She can have a child all she wants either by doing this or via adoption but I just hope that the needs and wants of a child like a guidance from a father figure is there. You needed both…like I said I’m an old fashion :wink:

Those were the good ol’ days eh?

I fully agree that the ‘average’ thread feels much smaller now in all aspects: views, replies, interaction, depth etc. Although personally, due to my shift in how I believe successful trading is done, I don’t mind it too much; I spend most of my time doing research that isn’t talked about much on forums anyhow.

Back then it felt like there were a few ‘champion threads’ that were highly active with a lot of material being passed around. And on that note the chatroom was an actual thing back then. Granted I probably didn’t learn very much from the hours I spent it there, but it was time well spent nonetheless; the things I did receive from that are invaluable. These days the only real threads I see are the pure PA threads and the occasional bait thread offering unrealistic returns. Perhaps I’ve auto filtered any thread that doesn’t fit the mold of my style (whereas back then I was a clueless trader willing to read and follow anything), but it’s certainty noticeable to me when I spend more time in these threads than the forex systems threads.

I wasn’t probably around the time when there are so many active " good" traders around or maybe I wasn’t paying attention back then. A lot of those good folks are probably moved on into something else. I felt the same way, when you finally found what works for you, you don’t have any more time to look at other systems because you are more focus on what you have and trying to improved those. I guess it is different when you are just starting out than who have been doing this for a little while…but it is still good to see and bounce some ideas from time to time.

Good thing I joined the forum then…

I try and be consistent with coming around but I am ever so busy so it can be tough. I have never been a big forum fan but I really enjoy the conversations around here and as trading becomes more main steam it is great to be able to have a place were traders can be encouraged after all we can’t expect this unrestricted access to financial markets to continue if too many people keep loosing their pensions, houses playing the most difficult game called speculation. So great community to be a part of.

Make hay while the sun shines…

You never know - my wife and I have been together since University, but were 30 when our first was born, and 39 when our latest was born last year. Having spent ten years together with careers but no children, then having had kids in 2004, 2006, 2009 and 2013 I can say that however much fun the first ten years were, the second certainly exceeded them as an average sensation of joy. And trading works very well around it all - my wife, although now based largely at home (London for a couple of days each fortnight being the exception) continues in the same corporate career she commenced straight from University, and I do the childcare during the day and trade around the extremities and it all works better than we might ever have imagined.

Lol. I wanted kids for a good while before Claire (Mrs Templar) - I remained her mother’s best hope for grandchildren! Then one day we woke up and Claire biological clock had kicked in. Had a baby within a year. Turning 30 turned out to be our trigger, but in our case it was my idea. I like to think that men are waking up to the joys of the domestic side of family life, finally.

We have both just turned 40, and our daugher Alice is 14 months old. I have to say, I feel the same as I did 15 years ago - indeed I’m probably fitter - so I think with modern awareness of health, diet etc the effective, real-world ‘operating window’ for both men and women is better than it has ever been. So don’t write it off just because you hit some significant numbers on a calendar would be my (slightly presumptuous, for which apologies!) advice.

There’s a lot to be said for being a little old-fashioned, imho!

Dear Simon,

what a fantastic asset you are to this thread, and these forums!

I really wish that you lived a little closer! I would definitely be up for meeting up and talking more about life, Forex, and

the universe, as they say…

Regarding everything else that you talked about, it is a heart-warming story and full credit to you for sharing all this

here with the collective… With all the ‘macho-trader’ stuff being bandied around, it is very, VERY refreshing to see how

‘real men’ REALLY live and feel…

A big thank you from me, and on behalf of many other men, I am sure.

Happy trading.

Awwh, shucks, that’s very kind of you. I don’t know about all that - overt macho posturing has just never been for me, particularly not on a largely anonymous internet forum! - but personally the only people I have ever admired or respected in life have known their own centre and have lived the way they want to live without doing anything to the detriment of others. While material assets are lovely to a point - I have a 1960s MG and an old Land Rover which give me a lot of pleasure - I am far more motivated by family time and the sense of achievement that comes from successful joint adventures with family and friends than I am by the more eye-catching, stereotypical fruits of trading as a career.

I started trading as my previous career was incompatible with a young family on a number of fronts, and my wife and I wanted to restructure our life around family, but with sufficient finance behind us that that restructuring did not entail too many compromises in what we could provide for our children. I am happy to say that the project worked, and I enjoy helping others understand that trading can dovetail neatly with the real-world demands of life, and indeed can enhance one’s flexibility. For me, that is its true advantage. I have a good education, and was lucky enough to have a start in life that offered a number of opportunities, so there were careers open to me that would have given me a nice lifestyle, with the trappings, so that stuff really is not my point. For me, the unusual appeal of trading is that I can do a school run, take my daughter to the park, go to my sons’ daytime concert at school, have lunch every day with my wife & daughter, and still earn a good income from trading in that same week. So that is the drum I tend to bang around here.

In my view, many people can learn to trade, and then use that knowledge to unlock a far more balanced, traditional lifestyle than is the stereotype generally associated with trading. I am originally from London, and have many friends wrapped up in the City world but personally, much as I love London and other cities, I am more often found with Claire in my old stone house up a windy hill in the Peak District, or at a school event, or tinkering with a slightly rusty and inexpensive classic car, or any number of other mundane things. Trading is key to that work-life balance.

In my experience, the ones who bang on about their flash lifestyle or expensive cars are generally the insecure ones rather than the genuine alpha types, and they’re not the sort I want to be standing next to should a genuine crisis hit.

I don’t know about my being an asset to the forum - I don’t do myfxbook or similar, so presumably there are many who think that I am one of the many hot air-mongers any trading forum attracts. But I am glad that you like the tone of my posts, and right back at you!

Anyway, thank you for the kind words, and I agree on the frustrations associated with there being a few hundred miles between our locales. BP will have to suffice!

Apologies, incidentally, for straying so far from the original point of this thread, I will try to stop rambling now. If you would rather remove the post then please do so with impunity, and if you need me to then do please just say. I have broad shoulders and don’t offend easily.

I really found your piece touching Simon. Very humble. I am sure we all enjoyed that share.

A lot of that is needed around these forums, encouragement for people who want to trade to balance life. A worthwhile deviation from the original thread. Like pipme I agree you are obviously a real asset to the forum.

Mr. Templar, do you have a twin brother by any chance? I promise and I swear to my high heel shoes, I will be nice …like really really really nice :slight_smile: :wink: :slight_smile: :5: lol

Gosh, that’s really very kind of you, thank you. I will continue pushing this side of our interest as long as they will have me around here!

Lol well there’s a moment to make an Englishman blush. No brother, I’m afraid, just a younger sister.

You two are both among my favourite BP posters, too. And I’m not just saying that.

Great posts, Simon, and no, I will not delete any of them! Thanks to Emeraldorc and PipNRoll also for popping in…

I nearly forgot our very own Queen Cleopiptra:
My Story So Far | The Blog of Raghee Horner

Ps: check out that Suzuki!

i think market have a little female. because they do not like adventure

You may have to prove your determination by putting your heeled feet through some true testing:

“Odessa women’s race on high heels!” by Convallium in Dukascopy Forex Community - Dukascopy Community :: Dukascopy Bank SA | Swiss Forex Bank | ECN Broker | Managed accounts | Swiss FX trading platform

Think again…

List of female explorers and travelers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lol awww I didn’t mean to do that :slight_smile: oh well, that’s too bad for me I guess lol

Well, as this thread lay dormant for a while,

I felt obliged to provide it with new blood for the benefit of anyone new to the forum (who may not go beyond page 1):

here is Karen the ‘Super Trader’, an American trader specialising in the options market…

Karen The Supertrader | Options trading IQ


Now FXCM should really do something. Have you seen this ?


I’ve read the details for the contest… Ha! What a joke…